From: Alan Wellstead
Subject: Wembley Concerts
Hi Joe

Thanks for the Great Service, keep the ND news coming.

Just a few words about the Wembley (London) Concerts having attended two so far (25th & 27th) with one more to come. I won't go over the ground that reviewers of other concerts have covered except to say that as well as the songs already reported he performed "Chelsea Morning" on the 25th and the Beatles medley "Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End" on the 27th which sounded great and was well received.

The audiences are as enthusiastic as ever, the light show the best I have seen and Neil him self in the best form. His voice is as good as ever and everyone says he seems the most relaxed he has ever been while on stage and seems to have a lot to say to the audience. The tenth and new member of the band is Rob Hajacos who is a Fiddle player from Nashville. His presence is obviously there for the Tennessee Moon numbers but has also been well integrated into many of the usual songs. The audiences seem to have learnt their parts well over the years joining in with all the right responses to his classics. The track from the new Album "Can Anybody Hear Me" seems set to become another concert standard with the predictable audience reaction to the lines "Can Anybody Hear Me" and "Is Anybody Out There". The show is about 2 Hours 15 Minutes, ending with the usual "Brother Love..." with no encore which I think makes for a better ending.

One interesting remark was made by Neil on the 25th. He asked who in the audience was at his famous open air concert at Woburn (UK) in 1977. He then said next year is the 20th Anniversary and that they had been invited back. He then joked with the audience saying "Tickets would be on sale after the show". Well the number one question we in the UK all want to know is will he be back for Woburn next year ?

Any one who is a Neil Diamond fan or just loves having a good time with some good music can not help but enjoy the show and become totally absorbed by the unique atmosphere of a live Neil Diamond experience.

Alan Wellstead U.K.

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