Subject: Diamond Rocks Atlanta
Neil Diamond In Concert at the Atlanta Omni Coliseum
One fan's Review

It took a little while for the crowd to warm up, but by the time veteran singer-songwriter Neil Diamond swung on his guitar and the strands of "Cherry, Cherry" burst out, everyone was on their feet clapping and singing along. The party had just begun. His voice in great shape, Neil gave his all for his people. From the opening number, "A Matter of Love", Neil took everyone on a musical history tour..."Solitary Man", "Kentucky Woman", "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon", "Beautiful Noise",all the songs in his lifetime. And the audience was responsive.An ocean of arms were swaying to "Song Sung Blue" and reaching out to "Sweet Caroline". By the time Neil sung "America", he looked totally exhausted and after the bows, left the stage.The crowd waited for what seemed forever but the crew were closing down and the crowd began filtering out.There was no encore. No "Cracklin" Rosie", No "Brother Love". Some were disappointed they did not hear those big favorites, but considering the energy Neil ignited that night, many left with a smile on their face and a tune in their heart.

I attended Neil's show in Atlanta last night 12/04/96 and while I enjoyed the show it Neil was not at his best. Ive seen Neil 4 times before and he was super!! Last night was O.K. Neil appears very tired and I suspect that he may be under the weather. His voice was breaking and cracky at times. Neil also drank alot of water during the show. The key for me was the fact that he did not do an encore! I'd say over 18,000 people stood aplauding for at least 10 minutes after he left the stage but no return by Neil! It is the first time out of the 5 events I've attended that Neil has ever not done an encore. No Brother Love's Traveling Salvation show or Cracklin Rosie!

Joe, I just got home from the Atlanta show.let me tell you it was great. Two hours of nonstop hits. This show was much better than the show in 93 and 93 was a great show. The crowd was a sell out and I had floor seat tickets not more than 25 feet from the stage. I would give you a rundown of the songs but you pretty much know what songs he is playing this tour. I am suprised that he did not do Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show.Once again it was a great show, the crowd loved him and he gave us all our moneys worth.

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