There was no formal newspaper review of the concert in the Dayton newspapers, so I wrote a review myself so that Dayton would be represented on your home page.

The concert got off to about a 20 minute late start; probably not because of Neil but because parking problems were causing fans to show up late. By 8:20 the crowd was beginningn to build into a frenzie waiting for the big moment. The lights died, the laser show started, the band hit the stage and were were off!

Neil's appearance was less than the glitz many other cities have reported with a shirt, which from the audience, gave the appearance of a casual blue plaid flannel--which I'm sure it really wasn't. The style fit the casual Tennessee Moon theme well.

Neil's voice was as strong, clear, and smooth as ever...well, not totally true. As for the smoothness, I think he gets better with age. The entire concert was well balanced by high power, high energy songs (which brought everyone in the audience to their feet, clapping, singing, dancing, and anything else they felt like) and slower songs that gave Neil a chance to slow his pulse and us a chance to ease the sting in our ever-clapping hands.

Midway through the concert he sang Forever in Blue Jeans. At this point the fans lost all inhabinitions as the screams, yelling, and applause never gave Neil a chance to start his next song. Finally, Neil roared over the crowd, "All right! We'll do it again" as they gave the audience one more play of the classic song.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes Neil took his bows; however, the fans had no intention of letting him go that easily. He came back for an encore that lasted 15 minutes, leaving the audience pumpsed so high, I wonder how many fans got to sleep before the alarm went off the next day.

While the concert seemed a little shorter that others reported (1 hour, 55 minutes), even if it had been 3 hours, I'm sure it still wouldn't have been enough.

From the eyes of one fan...Neil is better than ever and his population of fans continues to grow. While leaving the concert arena, it seemed like everyone was already speculating about when his next tour would be and when. I'd find it hard to believe that anyone was disappointed with Tuesday night's show, other than we wanted more!

Kathy - Dayton, Ohio

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