Neil Diamond Concert Review - Dortmund, Germany 1999

Fan Review by Doris T. Tillhon, Fuerth, Germany

Then comes Dortmund - and Dortmund was different! (as it was in '89)

Starting about 15 minutes late, the audience couldn't wait any longer to see

and hear Neil Diamond.

After the band went - accompanied with warm applause - onto the stage - the

demand for our singer gets louder and louder, expressed by rhythmic clapping

and when Neil finally appears he already has his "standing ovation" with no

one being held on their chairs. From this moment on, it seemed clear to me,

that this evening would turn out to be a big celebration with a lot of dancing

and romancing!!!!

And so it was!

Neil couldn't start a faster song without thousands jumping on their feet and

join swinging and flipping the all-time-greats - and let me tell you - at the

end of the show it seemd we all were sweating much more than Neil does - but

at last he is a real pro... well, as you can see, on one hand it really was a

sportive event!

On the other hand Neil charmed us with his uncompareable voice and so

romantically intoned songs like "If you know what I mean", "Play me" "Hello

again" etc. Hereby the atmosphere seemed to burst of warmth and love - taking

and giving - wow, what touching moments!

Apropos: wow, wow, wow - unnecessary to tell, that the Westfalians loved to

sing along with Neil ...

Caressed with thunderous ovations he closed the show with "Brother love...."

and dismissed us inflamed into the night.

What a joy!!!!

We really felt the love tonight.


Fan Review for Concert in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, Thursday, March 25th, 1999

Hello, this is Barbara from Hameln, Germany and I´m a fan for almost 27 years. My last Neil Diamond concert experience was 22 years ago in Berlin. I had been to the concerts in Dortmund and Kiel and it was a wonderful birthday present for my 40th birthday sitting in the first row and enjoy these marvellous, great, sensational, brilliant, excellent and splendid concerts.

Here is the review from Dortmund. The songlist in order:

Beautiful Noise, Longfellow Serenade, Hello Again, If you know what I mean, Guitar Solos, Thank the lord for the nighttime, Cherry, Cherry, Girl, you´ll be a woman soon, Solitary Man, Shilo, Play Me, Brooklyn Roads, Forever in Blue Jeans, I´m a Believer, Jonathan Livingston-Medley, America, Love on the rocks, Dance of the Sabres/band Intro, Movie-Medley, Song Sung Blue, Cracklin´Rosie, Sweet Caroline with 3 encores with the audience singing the chorus, You don´t bring me flowers, I am...I said..., Encore: Holly Holy and Brother Love´s Travelling Salvation Show.

I think Neil left „Can anybody hear me", because the reaction of the german audience wasn´t what he expected. Even when he wanted us to give a big kiss to our neighbour on the right, he said: „Forget it". (He didn´t repeat that in Kiel).

The audience was really mixed up between 20 and 60 year old people dressed from jeans, leather jackets to evening gowns. It was a terrific and sensational show that took 2 hours and 20 minutes. „Sweet Caroline" with Neil and us singing „woe, woe, woe" and „so good, so good, so good" had two encores and the complete audience was standing, singing and clapping. For all of us there was much fun during the concert and everyone hoped that it would last longer and that Neil will come back to germany pretty soon.

By the way: The only thing I didn`t like was that you couldn´t find any announcement or poster whether in Dortmund nor in Kiel. The only hint was situated directly over the main entrance with the words „Fritz Rau presents Neil Diamond".

It´s a pity, because I´m quietly sure that all of the concerts could be sold out with a little more advertise.

Neil´s voice is still remarkable and unique and he seems to have fun singing in front (or in between) an audience. He got his first standing ovations while coming into the arena without singing one word.

Neil was totally dressed in black with glittering blue paillets on his shirt. In spite of being 58 and being on stage for more than 30 years he has still the charisma he had 1977 and he can still bring his audience to boil. After the show my left hand was blue from clapping my hands and I was hoarse because of singing all these beautiful songs.

Resume:This Diamond is still sparkling and we all hope that he will do it for a long time. Neil was so good, so good, so good!!!

Ruhr Nachrichten - Dortmunder Zeitung - Samstag, 27.03.99

"NEIL DIAMOND ließ keinen Hit aus"

Eigentlich hebt es nicht unbedingt die Stimmung, wenn die große Westfalenhalle

gerade mal zur Hälfte besetzt ist. Doch es gibt Ausnahmen - zum Beispiel dann,

wenn treue Fans von Neil Diamond in der Arena sind.

Die dachten sich offenbar am Donnerstag abend "jetzt erst recht" und machten

die leeren Stühle schnell vergessen. Und der 58-jährige auf der runden Bühne

inmitten des Publikums ließ sich nicht anmerken, ob er enttäuscht darüber war,

daß sein Name die Massen nicht mehr so anzieht wie noch vor zehn Jahren. Da

war er das letzte Mal auf Tournee - und wer ihn damals gesehen hat, war auch

nach einer Dekade Abstinenz nicht enttäuscht.

Rund zweieinhalb Stunden spielte der Entertainer alle Superhits seiner langen

Karriere, und schon nach kurzer Zeit hielt es die Fans nicht mehr auf den


Vielleicht hätte er sogar noch länger gespielt, wenn sein gechartertes

Flugzeug nicht um spätestens 23 Uhr hätte abheben müssen.

Jedenfalls war es ein Abend der beinahe keine Wünsche offenließ. Und ein

bißchen geschichtsträchtig war er auch. Denn es könnte das letzte Mal gewesen

sein, daß man den Mann aus den Staaten auf einer deutschen Bühne gesehen hat.

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