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<H2>Radio Stations Playing Neil Diamond Music</H2>

Here is a letter from a radio station which is doing a great job supporting Neil! It would be a great to compile a list here of radio stations throughout the country which play Neil, so that fans across the country can support such stations. Please <A Href=mailto:ysxz69a@prodigy.com> email me </A>with the stations (and call letters) which play Neil Diamond in your area!! Here is a letter which I recieved from one such station, and the list of stations follows:<P>

From: WRKA [mail@wrvi.win.net]<BR>

I found your Neil Diamond home page address in "Internet Underground"

magazine. Nice site, will mention it on the air here at Oldies 103 WRKA

in Louisville, KY. Was looking for concert dates. That is real hard to

read with your wallpaper. Good work though. Our listeners who are fans

will enjoy your site.<BR>

Fred North<BR>Program Director<BR>