Friends of Neil Diamond
Jo Michaels
Hollywood, CA 90028

Honey Drippin' Times
Iris Gerhardt
2613 Trenchard Dr
Independence MO 64057

The Dutch Friends of Neil Diamond
c/o Carla Aangenendt and Marijke Hogenstijn
P. O. Box 2183
5600 CD Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Send $17 US (cash only) 4 issues per year

Neil Calendar
Jean Scigliano
Jean Scigliano
PO Box 8051
Des Moines, IA 50301-8051

The Diamond Connection
June Allen
PO Box 2764
Witham, Esses CM8 2SF

Friends of Neil Diamond, Germany
c/o Bettina Michaelis + Kaethe Schneider
Insel 1
38271 Baddeckenstedt
Tel: 05345/359

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