The Neil Diamond FAQ

  1. I have recently heard that Justin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) and Mike Diamond (Mike D of the Beastie Boys) are Neil's children. Is this true?
    No, this is a totally false rumor being spread on the internet.

  2. When is Neil performing in My City, USA?
    Please refer to the Tourdates Section where you can find ALL the latest info. If no current dates are listed, then Neil is not currently planning any shows. Updates will occur regularly as new information becomes available.

  3. How/Where can I get tickets for these shows?
    Tickets for most USA shows are distributed by Ticketmaster, and also available at the arena boxoffice. For more information, call Ticketmaster in the city where the show will take place.
  5. Will Neil ever come to South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Brazil or any other country outside of the USA/Canada, Europe and Australia?
    While nothing in life is definite, it is very very unlikely he will.

  6. How old is Neil?
    Neil was born on January 24, 1941.
  8. What is Neil's real name?
    Neil Leslie Diamond actually is his real name. Other names such as Eice Cherry and Noah Kaminsky were considered as stage names for Neil, but were never used.
  10. Is Neil married?
    Neil is currently divorced, he has been married twice before, to first to Jaye Posner, then to Marcia Murphey. Beyond this public information, our policy is not to comment on Neil's personal life.

  11. Does Neil have any childern?
    Yes, Neil has four children: two daughters Marjorie and Elyn, and two sons Jesse and Micah.

  12. How can I write to Neil,
    to what address should I send the letter?

    Write to Neil in care of FOND (Friends of Neil Diamond) Box 3357 Hollywood, CA 90028

  13. Does Neil have an email address?
    Write to Neil at the following email address: ( This email address goes directly to Neil’s office.

  14. Can you please send me the lyrics for This Diamond Song?
    Check out the I am...I Said Neil Diamond Lyric Page, you'll find what you need.. Also, Neil rarely sings a lyric which is hard to understand, but I have it on good authority that on 'Soolaimon' he is singing 'on the wings of a flea' NOT 'wings of a flame'.

  15. What if I have another question not listed here?
    You Can email us at We will do our best to answer your inquiries.



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