Neil Diamond

Columbus, OH Concert Page

Sept 28, 2001


This was the first show of Neil's 2001-2002 tour, and it was simply incredible. Setlist included Starflight, Captain Sunshine, Yes I Will and Lady Magdelene - Who would ever have though we would ever hear these songs! THANK YOU NEIL! Captain Sunshine was performed as a tribute to our beloved Vince Charles! Full setlist appears at bottom of this page.

Here is the review in the Columbus Dispatch which was very favorable.
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columbusneil1.jpg (16167 bytes)Last night after the show, Neil gave us a copy of the days PBI, which is a daily band newsletter, commenting on the news of the day in 'Diamondville' fashion.  Neil wanted this tribute to Vince to be shared among the fans, and asked that copies be made for all, and so we'd like to share it with our readers.

Sorry I can’t make it with you all on this tour, but my new gig is heavenly.  My robe is fine, almost as nice as the ones at the Four Seasons, and the food here is great – although I have to spice it up a bit.  One great thing about heaven: every room has a balcony with a view.

I do like to spend an occasional weekend in Hell, though, just for variety.  Besides, I hear the women are hotter down there.

I have to admit I get a little tired of playing with harp ensembles.  That’s another reason I like to visit Hell.  The last time I was there I got to sit in with Buddy Rich.  Oh, I spoke to Satan – he said he’d be happy to reserve a spot for my ex-wife.

 You all know that despite my small size I was known for my really big…..feet.  So I’m impressed but not surprised to hear that you’ve been forced to hire so many people to fill my shoes.  I see you got my Horndogs to compensate for the loss of my hipness, a four-pack of string players to maintain my level of beverage consumption, and an additional backup singer to respect my Afro-tude.

 I’ve checked out your rehearsals with my good ear.  I’m glad to see King has finally found a worthwhile use for that didgeridoo besides what I saw him do with it late one night.

And hey, Alan – your steel drum sound is pretty good, but I could probably tune it up a little up a little for you….”if I had a hammer.”

 Here’s a special message for the promotion people at that ……hotel you’re in:  I live in heaven.  I KNOW heaven.  You’ve got a nice hotel – but heaven it ain’t.

 I hope you elect a new mayor soon, if you want to.  My seat is definitely up for grabs…but what’s new about that?

Well, got to run.  I’m having a Heineken with Danny Lee tonight.  If you feel the need to see me, just come down to the lobby bar and after about five drinks, I’ll be there with you.

columbus01-neil2.jpg (13458 bytes)Neil's Setlist - Columbus, OH

Mission of Love
Solitary Man
Cherry Cherry
Red Red Wine (slow & Reggae)
I'm a Believer
If You Know What I Mean
Beautiful Noise
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
I Haven't Played This Song in Years
You Are the Best Part of Me
At the Movies
I Believe in Happy Endings
Forever in Blue Jeans
Band Intro to Star Flight (Neil also sang at the end)
Captain Sunshine (after talking about Vince)
Holly Holy
Sweet Caroline (2 repeats)
September Morn
Yes I Will
Lady Magdelene
These two songs were combined, beginning and ending with Yes I Will. Neil played the piano while singing!
You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Love on the Rocks
He Ain't Heavy
I Am...I Said (sitting on a stool)
(Walk off)
Skybird (and then right into...)
Brother Love (as the platform rose)
Cracklin' Rosie (1 repeat)
Walkoff - America (reprise)

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