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Vol 61: September 4, 1999

This is my first letter to the editor. Have been drawn to this site

since I found it last September. I have been a Neil Diamond fan since I

was 13 or so. I saw him in the "Jazz Singer" . Loved all the music in

it. My mom listened to him around the house but I really loved the

music. Grew up and still liked him, but I really didn't buy anyone's

music and never thought about actually seeing him live. My husband

would buy CD's for me and his mom, who is also a big fan. About 5 or 6

years ago we talked about actually going to see the man if he ever got

close to Washington State.

Well, last September, as I was driving down the road and listening

to his Lifetime album in my van, I got really emotional and almost cried

at the possible thought of ever seeing him live in concert. I rushed

home and told my husband to find something about him on the interenet.

I wasn't a surfer, so really had no clue what to do. It was too easy.

Found this site immediately and discovered he was to be in Las Vegas on

New Year's Eve and Night! I secretly hoped my husband would tell me to

go! Well, he didn't, but my web surfing sister found some cheap airline

tickets, and we found out the concert prices and all I had to do was

convince my husband. I asked that if his mom could go, could I? He

said as if he could stop me! I know there are masses of fans out there

who follow the man and it seems as if money is no object to them, but

this was a huge deal for me. $500 was alot to spend especially at that

time of year. It was worth it to me. And my husband was okay with it

which made it all the more wonderful. My mother-in-law and I were able

to see him for the first time together and it was the BEST time of my

life! I thought that would get it out of my system, which it did the

complete opposite. I can't follow him around, but I can check up on him

now that I know how.

I will be going to Spokane on Aug. 17 (it is only a 2 hour drive

which can be done after work) and then my mother and mother-in-law are

accompanying me to Seattle's concerts the 22 and 23. I am sooooo

excited, I can hardly breathe. I envy all people out there who have

seen him all these years and who continue to get to see him. I feel

these may be my last chances ever and I hope they remain with me

forever. I read the message boards and these letters and know there are

so many out there who love his music as I do. I definitely can't say

any one loves it more. It means so many different things to so many

people. But, Neil is genuine and caring and you get that all when you

see him on stage. I wish I had been closer, and my seats still aren't

going to be closer. To shake his hand and meet him in person would be

the ultimate, but I will be satisified with the fact that I will have

gotten to see him 4 times in my lifetime. To any fan out there who has

not yet seen him, GO if you ever get the chance. He is something to

behold in a live concert. What everyone says, is true and more! Good

luck to all of you and congratulations to those who have seen him so

many. I think I was born too late.


I went to the concert on both nights. He was absolutely fantastic!! The

Salt Lake Tribune paper review said he doesn't know how to dance, but that is

not how I or the audience of 12,000 or so felt! The second concert I sat in

the 1st row. I have never been that close to him before. I loved it! He

said he would come back to Salt Lake City after the Olympics, but I hope he

comes back sooner than that!

The Idaho Center was jam packed the night Neil Diamond performed! Thursday August 28, 1999. Young and old alike showed up to see and hear this music legend, and what a performance he gave! Nearly two and a half hours of non stop on stage performance! Neil Diamond (and his first rate band) gave us what we wanted and left us wanting more! The man STILL has it...what a voice! (I fell in love with his music and his voice the first time I ever heard one of his songs... back in 1968. My dream (way back then) was to someday get to see him in concert. He has gray hair now and is showing his age...but I didn't care, his songs transported me back to a time I didn't have gray hair or age lines on my face...and it felt Oh so GOOD! )

Sharon Ketchum

Boise, Idaho


What an appropriate coincident.

A hot August night. Neil Diamond in concert. It doesn't get any better that


Neil diamond is truly the consummate performer. His show is tight, well

rehearsed and professional. With in this musical stage show, Neil reaches

out and pulls the audience in, making them part of the experience. You

literally become part of the show.

Neil Diamond's music is some of the most popular sounds in the world. That

goes without saying. All you have to do is take a look around at the

thousands of fans singing - word for word - every song - all of which are

hits. This must make a concert very difficult if a slight "lyric flub"

takes place. Even so, such minor flukes are very much forgiven by the

audience .

He's good. He's really good.

Neil Diamond finally came to our town Saturday, August 28th, and performed to

a packed arena of over 11,000. This is the 9th concert I have attended, and

have never been to one with such a high energy level! He is my age, and my

husband and I were completely exhausted before the concert was over, which

was almost 2 and 1/2 hours long. (or short!) The Montana crowd was so very

receptive, and he seemed to really appreciate it. I don't know how he does

it night after night singing the same songs and making it feel for us like it

is his first time. What can top a Neil Diamond concert? Only another Neil

Diamond concert!

It was so great finally not having to travel at least for one full day to be

able to see him perform. I hope he "got the message" that we here in Montana

and the surrounding area also love him and his music and that he will return

someday soon. The acoustics in our arena are not the best, and I think it

has been difficult to get him to perform here because of that, but we are so

thankful that he did. He would sound great anywhere no matter what.

I usually am so let down after a concert because it is all over, but I left

this one feeling very up and with a good attitude, but now I am wishing I

could attend another very soon again. I guess I just never get enough. I

hope he keeps on performing for a long time because he just gets better and

better each time I see him. His voice was so full and rich and never cracked

once even on his songs from his new Movie Album as I have read in several

reviews. I could not believe how wonderful he sounded, still! I hope this

isn't too long. I could go on and on, but guess I had better not and just

say that I am ready for concert #10! Pat in Billings!


Long time Neil Diamond fans, my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I all saw Neil at the concert on August 17, 1999. He was AMAZING! There were about 12,000 fans at the sold out concert, all going nuts! The lighting, sound system, everything, was PERFECT! Neil was so great. He is one of those rare performers whose voice is as good live as it is on his albums. The crowd was very responsive, though I have to admit the section I was sitting in (only 14 rows up, almost dead center) was not as responsive as the section directly across the way, so he spent more of his time facing that section than ours. We had some real fuddy-duddies in our section but I wasn't one of them. I could barely stay off my feet and certainly couldn't sit still, rocking to the music throughout the concert. His band is great too, as was the voice of the woman he sings the "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" duet with. She's not Barbra Streisand, but she has a dynamite voice! He was awesome. We'll be there the next time he comes to Spokane, whenever it is!

BTW, we drove from Sandpoint - an hour and a half away - to see him on a weeknight and would have driven twice as far!


Gina A. Emory

Hi Joe! I'm Elaine Rogoza. I e-mailed you over a month ago to tell you

what Neil has meant to me over the years...well, I went to the concert

in Vancouver last night (I couldn't e-mail you last night 'cause I was

in too much awe and very tired from all the excitement!!) and it was

worth the $64.00 (Canadian dollars) for the ticket! The show was to

start at 8:00 pm. It started at 8:15, and for the next two hours, he

belonged to Vancouver! I have always wanted to see him in concert, and

last night, my dream came true! My friend and I took the skytrain from

Surrey (about 30 minutes on the skytrain), and we couldn't believe it!

The skytrain was full of people of all ages holding onto their tickets

for dear life and breaking out in several of Neil's classics every now

and then! I started singing Forever In Blue Jeans, and I had a woman

that looked like she was in her 60's joining me!(Going home on the

skytrain was even better! All we heard at each stop was "Neil Diamond

Rocks!" The Police even had to shut down a block when the concert was

over to let everyone across the street to the skytrain!) When the lights

dimmed and Neil came on stage, I couldn't contain myself! When he

started with Beautiful Noise, the whole place went nuts! I've never seen

Vancouver rock like that since I saw Deep Purple 23 years ago! I loved

the way he involved all of us with his songs. I can't decide which was

better, Forever in Blue Jeans (I almost creamed my panties!) or Sweet

Caroline which he did a second time and had us do the "bum bum bum" and

"so good, so good, so good". I am very partial to acoustic guitars and

melted when Neil brought out his guitar! I just wish that I could have

afforded to buy some kind of souvenir. All I have to remind me are the

ticket stub, skytrain tickets and the memories that Neil left us with.

I'll always cherish those. My only regret is that I couldn't meet him in

person and that the concert didn't last forever! This was a very special

night for me because it was the 6th anniversary of my kidney transplant,

which is even more special than my 40th birthday (last year). Neil is

The Best!! I'm really sorry that it was raining the whole time. Now

he'll understand why we tend to have webbed feet here! Tell Neil that he

made Vancouver forget the foul weather for a couple of hours and rocked

us like we'd never been rocked before! Too bad that a couple of older

women that were sitting behind us couldn't understand our enthusiasm

when the whole place was on their feet, dancing and rocking to the music

and they tried to tell us to sit down!! Good luck to them! I was just

too excited to sit. Hardly anyone was sitting!! I burned my fingers on

my lighter when he sang Shilo and Love On The Rocks!! All of GM Place

was rocking and singing with Neil for most of the time. Thank you Neil

for the best night of my life!! We'll never forget the memories you left

us! As I'm writing this, the news update is reviewing the concert. They

feel the same way I do! Keep it up Neil! Next time, I want to meet you!!

For your age, you sure know how to move! Nice buns, too! With much love,

Elaine Rogoza, Surrey, B.C., Canada

Hi Joe!

Oh! Neil was so wonderful at the San Jose Arena on Sunday night - I took my

best girlfriend who had always wanted to see Neil live and she was rockin'!

She absolutely loved the show - Neil was in the best voice that I have heard

in awhile! Thank God he has given Neil such an awsome talent and that when

so many other artists are only temporary, Neil is timeless! I like so many

others would love to meet Neil one day if only just to say thank you with

love from a girl who has felt very blessed to have been a Neil Diamond fan

all of my 39 years. God bless you Neil always!!

Hi Joe!

Saw the man last night in Seattle (my first time in 21 years) and I must say that he ROCKED! He hasn't lost enthusiasm or energy at all. Play Me and Shilo have been two of my most favorite songs since my first musical memories. My dad was a DJ when I was young, and he would make sure to play my requests. In my teen years I was in to harder rock (like Led Zep) and didn't listen much to Neil anymore, but for about the last 10 years I've gone back to my roots and listen to Neil....... A LOT! Through all of lifes hardships I know that I can always put my headphones on and escape with Neil.

May he and his band tour forever!


Neil sang from a revolving stage and was accompanied by light show that was

astounding by itself. Neil had every one, kids just discovering him, the

baby boomers who loved him since he started, and the seniors who lived with

our high volume music of the 60's & 70's, clapping along with the beat of the

music. I think most participated in the sing-a-longs. There were several

standing ovations, especially when he sang "Coming to America." Dr. Bother

Love's Show also had every one on the feet.

After two encores, Neil finally left the stage. Everyone was still standing

and applauding as he left.

There were several comments made as to Neil's age. The one that sticks in my

mind was from a lady answering a comment about his age. She heard someone say

he looks like a senior citizen, and came back with, "He may be a senior

citizen, but look how he fills out those pants."

Needless to say a wonderful time was had by all.

Hi Joe,

I saw Neil in concert on Aug 13 in Anchorage, AK. He blew me away. What an

entertainer he is. I now understand why they call him Mr. Showmanship. His

voice is like a fine wine, he gets better with age. His band was great too.

The stage and lighting was superb. The date that I was with at the concert

made it a point to say that he had never seen such a great concert before

and was very pleased with the show. Since the concert I have purchase the box

set "In My Lifetime,""The Movie

Album" and the video "The Jazz Singer". I also appreciate the fact that Neil

Diamond Supports the Charity for Abused Children on the sales of charity

items sold at his concert. What a Generous man he is. I have been a fan of

his since I was a young girl growing up in Kentucky in the 60's and 70's. And

I am even a bigger fan now at the age of 43. I just hope that other fans of

Neil Diamond realize how bless we have been to be part of this entertainers

gift and talent for writing, singing and producing such wonderful music. I am

very grateful to be part of the generation that was part of his career. I

hope to hear more from him in the years to come.

-Helen Blankenship

Here is something unusual...

Imagine - a rigorous odyssey around the world by motorscooter, solo. It happened! And this one was partly inspired by the works of Neil and the band! These also helped to sustain it in its darkest hours and celebrate it in its brightest times. Neil was there - all the way! And now the story has been published!

IN THE LONG RUN: A Hopeful World Odyssey is the true and candid story of my two-year journey around the world on a motorscooter named Melawend to promote friendship and communication. The journey was full of adventure and romance and those foreseen and unforeseen challenges and dangers. More important, it became a profound education through many inward and outward discoveries. Though this story is offered primarily as entertainment, I believe readers will find many good things in it that may help readers to improve their lives. And they may gain more insight into the inspiration that is Neil!

When you get a chance, Joe, check out the odyssey website!

IN THE LONG RUN: A Hopeful World Odyssey

All the best to you!

Tom Smith

Just wanted to say that Neil's show at the San Jose

Arena was one of his best ever. They are all

wonderful, but this one seemed to incorporate so much

more material. I don't recall ever hearing so much

from the Shilo album, though he didn't do Kentucky

Woman. The only thing I can say I was disappointed in,

was not being able to get any photographs. We had

floor seats and it would have been a special thing to

get a few. They really didn't enforce the no camera

thing, but since I didn't want to take the chance, I

left mine at home.

Hopefully there will be another tour in a couple

years, but if not, it's been a wonderful ride!


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Vol 60: August 8, 1999

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to tell you, I am not a big Neil Diamond fan. I was more

into Kiss in my earlier days, before switching over to the Garth Brooks

scene in my later years.

However, I just want to tell you, I was deeply impacted by a song he

wrote and sung in the early 1970s, yesterday morning.

We had a terrible tragedy in this small community in Wellington, Kansas

(population 8,900). We lost a teenage honors student in an automobile

accident and the community is devastated.

Yesterday, it was her funeral. I had never heard the song "Shilo," but

it was played at the funeral. She was named after that song. Since then

I can't get it out of my head. It has taken an emotional toll on me, and

I'm not easily swayed as a 34-year-old male.

I just thought someone would like to know that 29 years later, long

after the song seems mostly forgotten, a Neil Diamond song can hit you

in the most unusual of circumstances. I would just like to thank him.


Dear Joe,

Recently, I was able to attend a Neil Diamond concert in my home town. Mr.

Diamond was incredible. Since I got my first car, which didn't have an FM

stereo, I have been hooked on Neil Diamond's music. Of course, it doesn't

hurt that my name is Caroline. The song that really got me was Mr. Diamond's

version of Unchained Melody. My father passed away almost two years ago and

Unchained Melody was Mom and Dad's song. Neil Diamond's rendition was so

powerful that my Mom started to cry and I knew why she was crying so I

started to cry. There we were at the most wonderful concert in the world and

both of us were crying like babies. Needless to say, we have looked for a

copy of Neil Diamond's new CD and they are sold out everywhere. I would like

to say thanks to Mr. Diamond for coming to Bakersfield and for sharing his

talent with the world.


WELL.....what can I say......Neil is the best there is !! He put on another incredible and outstanding performance and I can't wait to see him again tonight !! There just aren't the words to explain how great he really is ! There weren't any reviews in the newspaper today, maybe they're waiting till tonight's performance but the news channels and radio stations had all excellent reviews, saying that after all these years Neil still has what it takes to sing a song and bring the fans in to see him. I've not heard one bad thing said (and it's a good thing too!!) He has the way to make you sing, clap, laugh and yes, cry to all of his songs because they come straight from his heart and into ours. He sang so many of the favorites, also the greats from "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and some very excellent songs from his new "Movie Album". "I Am, I Said" is one of my personnal favorites which makes me cry everytime ! And the ending with "Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show" gave him a supreme exit from the stage although he could have gone on forever as far as I'm concerned. I've seen Neil in concerts since back in the 60's when I was a young teenager and everytime I think he can't possibly get any better but he always does. I don't know if you've caught a concert of his on this tour yet but in the front of his tour book he has a great note to his fans which I have to pass on to you.

" Hello Again Friends,

Who'd have thought I would be so soon out on the road again. Performing night after night to appreciative crowds. It's an addiction I've had for over 30 years. Don't ask how or why it's gone on for so long, but thank God it has. For me, the thrill is still there. It is always amazing to perform to open hearts. These hearts are not to be tampered with, and I never do. Thank you for coming back once again to share my music."

What can I say more - that just about sums it up in Neil's own words ! He's the BEST ! I'll write again tomorrow and tell you about tonight and see if there are more reviews.

Your Friend & Neil Fan,


Wanted to just tell you how wonderful it was to see an old time favorite of mine again.

Neil Diamond, I truly believe, enjoyed his audience in Phoenix as much as we all enjoyed

him. A really good feeling was everywhere for two hours at America West Arena. Likewise;

I'm sure tonight's performance will be the same.

Folks of all ages were there, however the majority in attendance including myself grew

up with Neil. It was so nice to see people and a beautiful entertainer go back with the

older hits and just have fun singing. The whole place stood for many songs and joined

in when he wanted support. For many of us at this particular concert, Neil Diamond

continues to write a long chapter in our lives. I felt very happy for him and really

appreciate the goodness he has given the world for so many years......

Best Regards,

Harry Schneider

Saw Neil last nite in Sacramento. What a guy. He still has all the moves.

He is so sexy and so genuine. He had the crowd going all night. His voice

is just so gravely. The man has still got it. He really looked good last

night. And his band is the greatest. King is the best at what he does too!

Loved the show. That man could never disappoint me.

Diane Butson

This was my first time seeing Neil thanks to my wonderful fiance who grew

up listening to Neil Diamond from his parent's. I never imagined how

wonderful he would be in real life. We spent all the holiday's last year

cooking, cleaning and spending time with family listening to all his cd's

over and over again. We just can'yt get enough!!!

So I have to say as soon as we found out he was touring I was on the phone

2 seconds before tickets went on sale and was able to get 8th row at the

Arco Arena in Sacremento. We've been waiting 3 months. Last nights

performance was better than I could have ever imagined!!!! Neil looked so

great and sexy. He was so full of life and energy and he spread it

throughout the crowd. with his sparkling shirt and dreamy voice he brought

tears to young and old, male and female. He brought us all togeather to

sing along with him.

For 2and1\2 hrs. straight he wowed us. and had us on or feet clapping, and

at one point I thought I might run and jump on stage and give him a big

hug! I just want to let everyone know that neil is young as ever and has

only improved with age. He truly out-did himself last night. and I will

never miss him in concert if he comes this way again. EVERYONE needs to

feel the power of his voice he is so moving and inspiring. WE LOVE YOU


Sincerely Christine and Michael

Neil is coming to Denver for a New Year's Eve concert; I should be thrilled

-- what better way to celebrate the turning of the millennium! Instead,

I'm dismayed -- the concert is only for the wealthy. $1,000 for good

seats, $100 for nosebleeds. It will be the first time ever I've missed a

Neil concert in my area. It will be a sad New Year's Eve indeed, and I'm

disappointed that Neil chose money over the fans that have supported him

so loyally for so many years.


Hi Joe: I am a long time FOND member (about 18 years or so). We have also

been very lucky to get tickets for Neil's concerts anytime he has been in

N.Y. I have even been lucky enough to have gotten tickets and seen him 2 or

3 times during a New York tour. I saw my very first Neil concert in 1982 at

the Brendan Byrne Arena in the Meadowlands in N.J. My husband had given me

a Christmas gift before we had attended the concert. It was a beach towel,

with the JAZZ SINGER LOGO on it, Black and White, and needless to say I was

positively thrilled when I received it. He purchased it in Bloomingdales in

N.Y. I just wish I had more than one. Anyway when I went to the concert, I

brought the towel with me. Of course it was nearly impossible that Neil

could have seen it during the concert, because there is so much going on in

the arena with the chemistry between Neil and all the fans just happy to be

there. He is completely dedicated to his fans being happy at his concert....

and believe me we are. After the concert ended and the arena was emptying,

I hung my Jazz Singer Towel over the rail, and one of Neil's workers saw it.

He asked me where I had gotten it, and I explained it was a Christmas gift

from my husband. He then asked me if I would want to give it to Neil.

Please understand that I truly treasure the beach towel, and was not prepared

to part with it. I said to him than I really couldn't part with it, so he

said would it be OK if he showed it to Neil. Of course I hoped that I could

have gone with the towel while it was being shown to Neil, but he said that

wouldn't be possible. So, I trusted him to bring it to Neil, since I

explained that I would be a very UNHAPPY NEIL FAN, if I didn't get it back.

In a short time he returned the towel to me, and I thanked him. I said that

if I did ever find another towel in Bloomigdales I promised I would send one

to Neil. However, I was not able to find one, I suppose it was just a one

time thing and only so many had been made. He said that Neil enjoyed seeing

it and thought it was really nice. He then said to me "open the towel"... I

did, and to my surprise and delight, Neil had signed it to me.... "Love to

you, Neil Diamond. Needless to say the towel has never been washed because

I didn't want the autograph to wash off, and I treasure it. The towell

travels with me to every Neil concert I have seen, and will continue to do so

in the future. We are hoping that N.Y. dates are on the concert tour for

1999, as it has been three years since he has been here. Thought you might

enjoy this little story about the towel, as it has always been a topic of

conversation. I also have the original photo of Neil that I received when I

first joined FOND many years ago, and that photo too was personally signed, &

is framed and in our living room with other family photo's. Thanks for your

time in reading... Neil Fan, Marilyn Rice, Whitestone, N.Y.

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Vol 59: July 17, 1999

Joe: I was on the Beth Nielsen Chapman page and asked what it was like to

write with Neil, since `Deep Inside of You' is one of my all time favorite

songs. I thought you would enjoy her respnse.

Dear Steve....

It was only difficult in the sense that I was amazed to be writing with

someone who's songs I heard ringing everywhere all through my high school

years. It took a little while to relax and enjoy being there and get around

the feeling of pressure to be brilliant. He was very warm and down to earth

actually and the writing went quite smoothly after we hung out a while.


I am a ND fan since 1971, having seen him the first time live on June

10th in 1972 during his second tour in Germany. When I heard "I am ... I

said" the first time on the radio back in the summer of 1971, it really

took me by storm. Being an unexperienced teenager back then of 13 years

of age, I regretably missed his first tour in Germany that year. As I

know from very old magazine clips it must have been a very "private"

concert. When I saw Neil lately now during his 1999 tour, all those

memories of the early 70s came back to me so vivdly. The moment he

entered the stage it was like an inner light was lit and all those

memories went by like a fast train. It was a wonderful experience. Of

course, I have seen Neil performing live for several times during the

years between 1972 until 1999, and I also had the privilege to meet him

in person for 3 times until now, in 1974, 1977 and 1984.

Anything else of interest: I'm living in Germany in a small town about

an hour by car northwest of Munich and I am working as a university

professor for social and economic geography. Besides my "neily"

activities, I dedicate my short-cut spare time to art and Arabian


As said, keep up the great work! Neilove, Karin

I began listening to Neil Diamond in the early seventies. I was in my

teenage years. On the radio came a song by Neil called "Shilo". The

song captured my heart and started a dream of mine. We never had many

children to play with when we were growing up. I decided I wanted to

have a little girl someday and would like to name her Shiloh after

Neil's song. I kept this dream a secret for 14 years only telling a

close friend of mine. When she had her children, she told me she wanted

to name her child Shiloh, well, she had 3 boys. I was glad for I wanted

to save the name for my little girl. When I was 29 I gave birth to a

little (9 lbs. 14 ozs. - 23 and 1/4 inches) girl. She was so beautiful

and everything I could have asked for in my dreams. You see, see was

born on Christmas day - December 25, 1985. She not only was my dream

but the one thing that kept my family from falling apart. We had lost

my father to a heart stroke 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant

with Shiloh. So going through our first Christmas without him was so

painful, but having Shiloh and knowing he somehow knew about her gave me

the strength I needed to go on. In the delivery room waiting area there

were so many family members gathered, I thought the hospital would call

security. This was truly the happiest day of my live. She is 13 now

and full of the teenage years. I still recall the days when she was my

dream and realize how lucky I am to have her.

On Shiloh's 13th birthday I wanted to do something special so I planned

an Ice Skating party. I had always sang part of the song Shilo to her

as she was growing up, but she had never heard the whole song. When we

started on the ice for the first round I had the DJ play Shilo. Shiloh

stopped in her tracks and just started crying and holding on to me.

Everyone there soon knew the story of Shiloh. Everyone started clapping

and singing happy birthday to my little 13 year old Shiloh.

Neil, thank you for bringing to me a special name for my daughter. You

will always be my favorite singer. Next time you are having a concert in

our area, I will be taking Shiloh to see you in person. Please sing the

song during that concert.

Rhonda Osborne

350 Rickard Road

Thomasville, NC 27360

OH my Gosh...I am 33 years old and been a huge fan of Neil Diamonds

since I first saw his movie about himself when I was 14 years old. He is

my idol. I am very sad to say I have never been to one of his concerts,

but would just die to go. I get goose bumps all over when I hear his

name or hear one of his songs. I have only three of his CD's and my

children are tired of hearing it over and over, but I love it.. I had a

heart attack when I was 32, just last year, and I wasn't sure if I

would ever make it to see one of his concerts, but I am ok for now, and

if he ever comes even close to Nebraska, I guarantee if I am still

alive...I will be there. It would definitly be the highlight of my life.


To Whom It May Concern:

I hope that you will take the time to read this letter of request. I know that Neil Diamond is going to be in concert in Billings Montana on August 28, 1999. I am writing this letter to you to ask for your assistance. I am sure that you receive many requests everyday and many different stories. However, I hope that this story will move you enough to consider my one request or give me some information on how to make this happen.

My mom Diane Goff is a 45 year old woman who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 24 years. She was stricken with this disease at the age of 21 after giving birth to me. She has slowly lost every humanly function imaginable to you or me. She is completley paralized from the neck down. Her breathing can be very labored at times and just recently her speech has been affected so it is very hard to understand her at times. She is one of the biggest fans of Neil Diamond. I am 24 years old now and I can remember listening to Neil on record players watching my mom dance and sing to his wonderful songs. I have bought her a ticket to surprise her to go and see his concert, hoping that she will have the strength to go and travel almost 300 miles to see him in Billings.

I guess what I am asking is if there is any way that she can meet Neil Diamond, I think that this could really make one of her dreams come true. Her eyes light up whenever she talks about going to the concert, and she has been trying to get up out of bed more often now. Her hope is that if she gets up more often she will be able to make the long drive and stay the entire length of the concert.

I know that Neil is extremely busy with his tour and his family, but he has been given this wonderful gift. He can truly give a person like my mom a chance of a lifetime that she can remember each and every day of her life. So, if you aren't the person who I am supposed to write to in order for Neil to become aware of this request will you please write me and tell me who I can contact. I want to thank you for your time and what ever you can do will be greatly appreciated....


Mendy Brinkman


I am 25 yrs. old and have just purchased tickets for Neil's upcoming concert

Aug. 17 in Spokane, WA for myself and 13 family members, one of which is my

mother. I am hoping this unique story gets passed to Neil Diamond before

the concert date.

Neil Diamond held a concert in Missoula, MT our home town, when she was a

junior in high school, Spring 1969. Well....she was a huge fan and waited

forever for this event. The concert happened to fall on the exact same

night as her Junior Prom. As a young teen anticipating a date, she decided

to forgo the concert and not miss her only Junior Prom. As it turned out,

she was never asked to the dance and ended up sitting home that night.

Louise Stiegler has been waiting 30 years to see this amazing performer in

Concert and I've finally gotten her a front row seat and back stage pass, as

well as her parent's children, etc. to share the experience with her.

Please pass this on and I'll pray it reaches the sensitive ears of Neil

Diamond before Aug. 17. We'll be there in Spokane, WA that night with my

mother...finally getting her dream.


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Vol 58: May 26, 1999

A great message board:
Joe, thanks for listing all the links on your great website. Because of your generosity, I have, indeed, found a "friendly" board. It's called Talk At the Greek. The folks there answer questions timely, are kind and courteous, even to us new fans who don't know much, and actually concentrate on discussing Neil's music, concerts, cds, etc. There is none of that silliness and negativity that I've found at other "friendly" boards. Again, thank you for sharing that link with me. I hope other Homepage fans will give it a look. I'm sure you will like what you see. Hugs...she

Hi Joe

I went to the Neil Diamond concert on Friday night with my 34 years old

daughter. That was the first time she had seen him live, although she had

experienced the music as a child. I left a little deflated after the

concert which has never happened at the end of all the concerts I have seen

before. I found his choice of music not to be the "get up and go" type of

music as Neil has done in the past. Most of his music was his older songs

and three from the Movie Album, which is a little slow. The audience did

not get up on their feet as they did last time. I don't think I sat down

very much when he was here last time and it was a fun concert, but this


He did "You don't bring me flowers" again with Linda. I wish he had done a

different duet perhaps. I guess we all think that he can go on as a younger

man for ever, even though he is my age and very gorgeous.

I would like to hear other comments.

Pam Neil


Hi there Joe,

Below is my review of the concert on Saturday night 22/5/99.

There was a buzz of excitement in the crowd of people waiting to

enter the auditorium for the concert on Saturday night. The age

range of the audience was incredible from young children to people

in their 70's and 80's.

We went into the auditorium and had magnificent seats, we were in

the fourth row in the first elevation of the Entertainment centre.

When the lights dimmed the crowd cheered and we could see Neil

coming in.

The first hour and a quarter of the show he sang all his old songs

and he had the crowd on their feet dancing, singing cheering all

night. He then went on to sing songs from his new album which

also had the crowd enthralled.

King Ericsson always seems to enjoy himself at the concerts. He

was there getting the crowd to clap and sing along while Neil was

singing. It is incredible to realise that the band have been with him

for 23 years.

All in all it was a magnificant concert I think thoroughly enjoyed by

myself, my husband and girlfriend and we all would definitely see

him again if he comes out here.

Again thoroughly enjoyed it and keep up the excellent work on the


Debra Rettie




My name is Kelly Clark, and I am 20 years old, and a huge Neil Diamond fan. I went to see him in concert for the first time on 15th of May in Brisbane, Australia. I went with my dad, who has seen Neil in concert 10 times. We are originally from England, and my dad saw Neil the first time he ever played there. We had a really great night, and brilliant seats. It is my 21st birthday in one week's time, and I am hoping to get the "MOVIE ALBUM". I think Neil sings the songs better than the originals. I have just discovered your website, and it is hard to believe Neil is 58 - he has aged well and has the energy of someone much younger. I am still on a high from his concert a week later, and I am hoping to attend a lot more in the future. At present I am at University, but I will be finished in July 2000, and I am hoping to do a tour of America at that time. If anyone knows if Neil is performing then, could you please let me know? My e-mail address is:




My husband and I have just arrived back home after seeing Neil perform

at his first Sydney concert on this tour. Today's date is 18th May 1999,

and we are fortunate enough to being seeing him once more at his last

Sydney gig on 25th May 1999. The show tonight was fantastic, and Neil

as usual was amazing - the audience went wild, especially when he sang

his old songs from Hot August Night. The band and backing were superb ,

making it a truly memorable night. We have had our tickets for 5 months

and can't believe that tonight finally arrived, and now its over for

another week, and then, I wonder when he will return. We saw him in

concert in 1992, twice in 1996, and now twice in 1999. Neil, I can't

wait for your next tour - where will you be performing New Year's Eve

1999/2000. Anne-Sydney, Australia.


I just have to write, I saw my first Neil Diamond concert in Portland, OR. in

the early 70's. (first husband) We left the kids with my folks, drove to

Portland ("Holly Holy" was the attraction), we got the LP and played it on

the kid's "suitcase" type record player until it broke. We went to the

concert, BOUGHT THE TICKETS AT THE DOOR! It was so great! Moved from Kelso,

WA to Seattle area (second marriage) in 1976. Have not missed a concert, all

these years. Remember when Jesse was born, (belonged to the fan club, talked

about the earthquake in California, still have all the letters/clippings).

Remember when Neil had back surgery right after a concert. We have tickets

for this concert, in August. Oddly, it seems that this is the first time he

has been in this area during the "nice" weather. Usually it is raining. My

husband is in a wheelchair, so we get the tickets that are available, and are

so glad they make the seats accessible. Just wanted to say "thanks," for

over 25 years of wonderful concerts. If he looks upward, I am the one (yeah,

the ONE), dancing to the music.

Hope he plays "Heartlight" this time, don't smoke, brought a lighter back

from Hawaii last time, just for the next concert, and it wasn't sung. That

was "Tennessee Moon." Am lighter shopping now for August!

Thanks for letting me spout off!

Kathy Kolke (was Kathy/Robert Mesneak)


Hi, my name is liz and I've been a fan of Neil' for about 20 years. I'm proud ro say that because it just shows how enduring his music is. My fondest memory is going to a concert at Wembley, and sitting in the front row. When Neil was singing 'Love on the Rocks' within 4 feet of me I was so carried away by the music and the wonderful atmosphere that I slid off the seat. Talk about embarrassing, but I'd like to think that Neil maybe noticed(we all have our dreams). Anyway I just found all this wonderful site and wanted to say,Thanks Neil for your music and your voice,and long may you sing for us all. Liz


Let the record state that Neil Diamond has many young fans -- Probably

more young fans than he realizes! I am 25 years old and without a

doubt, he is my favorite singer, songwriter and performer. My sister,

24 and my two cousins, 24 and 22 are as enamored with him as I am. I

have grown up listening to his music and I'm sure my children will do

the same! I do not generally idolize people, but Neil Diamond truly is

one of my favorite people. I want him to know how wide his appeal is.

There are many hip young people out there who think he is the greatest!!

Michele in Washington, DC

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Vol 57: May 13, 1999

Hi Joe,

I have been reading the comments from the many people attending

concerts and am struck by the fact that fans everywhere get that special

feeling while being connected to a great performer for a two hour

period. Sometimes I hate to have a song end because

I realize we are one step closer to the end. Neil is indeed a world

class diamond for everyone to enjoy. Best wishes to all those fans who's

lives are enriched by his music


Would appreciate some imfor on the song Come Dry Your Eyes, friends and I

can not come to an agreement on what it means. Please help me interpet it.

Thank you --Snooki Parks []

Hi Joe:

Thought you might enjoy a good laugh. I will start by telling you that

Neil and I are approximately the same age. I have loved his music forever

it seems. Well my office staff here at Williams College are constantly

making fun of me and the length I would go to attend one of Neil's

concerts. Today they told me that in years to come if they hear of an old

lady that escaped from a nursing home and was found at some arena where

Neil Diamond was singing, they would know immediately who this old lady

was. Then it was suggested that they put sound sensors on my ankles so I

could be easily traced. But, if I am that OLD so will be Neil and if he is

still singing, WOW!! Now is that the treatment a Neil Diamond fan should



To: Leo Williams, Jr., Yes we ND fans get that expression from non-Neiliers alot. Don't let it discourage you. There are a lot of us out there. I'm always amazed when I attend a concert at how many young folks are there. So hang tough dude!

To: Steven P. Re: Stones. I heard ND say in an interview once that Stones stood for "things that hurt people." He then joked that his next album may be called "sticks." If you want more info, email me at

Thanks Joe for the good job. I love this site! she

I have been a Neil Diamond fan since his first album! I have almost

everything he ever recorded, from the 60's to the latest The Movie

Album. There's not another one like him, Elvis Presley came close...

Whenever I hear Neil, floods of memories in my life come rushing

forth..Most good memories, some not so good. My children grew up

listening right along with me, now they are grown and remain Neil

Diamond fans also..

He and I are the same age group, and I will always remain one of his

most devoted fans..He still sounds great!! He's aging very well, and

his voice still gives me goosebumps...

I am new on the net, and just this morning found your website. I can't

tell you how thrilled I was when I typed in Neil Diamond and found him!

Now I'll pull it up whenever I get online..Thanks, for being there!!

A Devoted Fan

Jo Ann Welborn

I was fortunate eough to be introduced to Neil diamond when I was 13 years

of age with Hot August Night. I am now 38 years old. My father and I call

him the 13th apostle as he is one of the best composers of music and words.

Many a time my father and I have used Neil diamond to calm our lives down.

We have been to his concerts the last 2 times here in Australia. We make

sure that we see at least to concerts per tour.We are actually going next

month to sydney to see him agaion in concert. For me I will be able to go

again but for my dad this will be the last time he will be able to travel to

see him. My dad has made frame in his house with all Neil's photos he takes

great pride in these. When dad does finally leave i will get his collection

and I will carry on for Neil Diamond

Vicki Pannowitz

Dear Friend Joe

Finally the most desire days of my life arrived, the days that my dreams come true, the days that I went to England to saw the 5 Shows of Neil Diamond in Wembley. Saw him alive and the for the first time in my life it was a great emotion.

Saw the greatest pop singer in Stage, applaud him it was with any doubt a great pleasure to me.

Everything was lovely, everything was perfect. A bit more of 2 hours that pass so quickly. And Neil always fabulous in his way of sing all the songs as he knows.

Always a really "Gentleman". Sober, discreet, impeccable. He had a really art how to move and act in stage. With any boubt Neil is Neil. A really Sir of the World's Pop Music. I loved all the shows. He is marvellous. He is fantastic. He is the GREATEST.

A lovely voice in spite of his 58 years, still marvellous and fabulous.

I go back to do everything again to see him in Stage. When he return to London who knows?

I can give the Botlle of Oporto Wine of harvest of 1941 with a little letter to a personal security of Neil Diamond in the Arena that had a photo of Neil Diamond dangling on this neck.

I had afraid that I can't go into the Arena with the bottle, so on Tuesday 9th of March when I was the Arena, and it was earlier to the show begin, I spoke with one of the security about the gift that I have to Neil. He told me that I can take de bottle to the Arena, here aren't problems, and with the bottle I can join a little message with my name and address, so I did that.

In fact I had no problems when on Saturday 13th of March, (it was on this day that I gave the bottle to Neil Diamond) I go into the Arena with it when I was there I ask to spoke with one of the security of Neil (there are others security's but probably there are only for the Arena). So I spoke with him and gave the bottle. So I hope that the bottle was gave do Neil Diamond himself.

The portuguese fan and much friend of Neil Diamond.

Best regards its friend Maria.

Maria Manuela Freitas


In reply to Steve who asked about "Stones";

I heard Neil sing it in concert in June, 1993 in

Providence, Rhode Island. It was absolutely

beautiful. I haven't heard of him singing it since that tour.


In 1975 I moved to St. Louis, Missouri with my husband and four daughters,

all teenagers. It was a very difficult time for our family, as my husband

traveled a lot and I had the four girls to raise, mostly on my own. My

husband suffered severe pain from a back injury, as well as depression,and

though he never missed a day of work or a trip he had to make he became very

addicted to pain medication and eventually to alcohol, trying to find relief

from his pain and depression. Though he finally had surgery for his back

problem and seemed to be on his way back to a pain free life, he could not

rid himself of the need for drugs and alcohol. During this period, my

daughters and I suffered a lot of stress, anxiety, and emotional and

physical pain. When things got to be too much for me to handle, with the

stress and worry of living with an alcoholic (who I loved with all my heart)

and four teenage daughters (who were very deeply affected by their fathers'

condition), I would get in my 1975 bronze-colored Thunderbird, put my "Hot

August Night" tape in the 8 track player, get on Highway 270 and drive for

about an hour with the volume turned up loud and just drift away into

another dimension where all I could see or hear was the wonderful face and

beautiful voice of Mr. Neil Diamond. I have no idea what would have become

of me if I had not been able to escape into my private little world with

Neil Diamond's music once in awhile. He saved me from losing my mind and I

will be forever indebted to him and his music for my salvation during those

extremely difficult times. I recall Neil Diamond's 1974 quote "The human

voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it is one of the

most difficult to understand or define. You either hear it, or you don't. It

either moves you, or it leaves you is more than just a

is the soul itself." His voice and his music move my soul! I literally

wore out three "Hot August Night" 8 track tapes, I played them so much. In

the end, my husband won his battle with alcohol and drugs but lost his

battle with depression and took his own life in 1982. Since 1984 I have

been living in Tucson, Arizona with my youngest daughter and I love it. I

work for The University of Arizona College of Medicine in the Division of

Neurosurgery and will probably retire in a couple of years. Three of my

daughters still live in St. Louis and have families of their own. To this

day they all still remember standing in line in St. Louis once a long time

ago, trying to get tickets for me for one of Neil's concerts, but they were

unsuccessful. So though I have been a loyal fan forever, I have never been

fortunate enough to attend one of his concerts or get an autograph. But, I

will be one of the fortunate ones this year, as I intend to be in the

audience when Neil Diamond appears at the America West Arena in Phoenix,

Arizona on August 2, 1999. It will be the high point of my life and I will

be the proudest and most thankful person there. To Neil Diamond I would

like to say, "Thank You", for being there when I needed you, though you

didn't know it, and for having such a wonderful, soothing voice and such

beautiful songs and music for me to listen to. You are the greatest!

A fan of yours forever,

Norma D. Wheeler

645 W. Orange Grove Road, #1021

Tucson, Arizona 85704


hallo, again, hallo

the story of the frog-king, n.d.-version:

It was a girl, not a princess, in brooklyn, new york, she was playing

whith her ball, and her ball is falling down in the Hudsun-river. She

was weeping over her ball, and suddenly a frog came out of the waves

of the river: "I bring you back your ball, if you take me home to you"

, he said. "Yes, I do," said the girl and the frog bring her the ball

back und hopped home with her.

They came home and the frog said: "Let me sit by your table and eat wi

th you."

The girl take the frog at the table and let him eat with."

After eating the frog said: "Let me sleep with you, in your bed."

But the girl will get angry and push the frog against the wall.

It was a big pop and suddenly a nice young boy was sitting on her bed

with his guitar and sung for her: "Here them bells, the story of my lo



I'm not the biggest Neil Diamond fan, but I recently saw the movie Lost and

Found with David Spade, where he did a pretty good performance, lip syncing a

Neil Diamond song. I actually liked the song and my question is what is the

name of the song he did? I guess if you haven't seen the movie you wouldn't

know, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the Internet and I would like

to get it. I thought you might have a clue since you have a webpage and

all. So if you would happen to know it, please let me know. If not, that is

cool also. Thank you very much.

Fan Review Kiel Concert on Saturday, March 27 th 1999

A day like no other!

Review of my first Neil Diamond Concert from Stefan Deintje

First of all I have to say that before the concert I really didnīt know that I am a Neil Diamond fan. At least I havd forgotten it for a long time until this concert.

Even at the day of the concert you couldnīt see any hint in town for the appearance of one of the greartest stars from the seventies and the eighties. A sold out Kieler Ostseehall but shows luckily that ND isnīt forgotten in Germany. Short after 8.00 P.M. the hall speaker starts the announcement that the lights of the hall will be turn off and every people should take their seats. The attention raises in the round. It crackles in the audience in joyfully expectation.

Then it starts. At first the band comes on stage and they all take their places under applause. Then, in absolutly darkness the master himself enters the stage as last. You can hear audible applause and then it starts nearly from zero to hundred. „Beautiful Noise" and everybody knows where he is here. At a Neil Diamond concert.

What a sound, what a voice, he is really here and I am present in the first row.

Immediatly there is a special atmosphere and ND has the knack of the multitude (nearly 7500 people). No tricks, no overboarded show, no artificial and studied expressions. Thatīs not neccesary, too. This is ND himself. More than enough for a successful concert. Right from the beginning I have the impression that there is somebody standing who laves making music, performing his songs and letting other people taking part of it.

At first there are some of the famous songs which everybody knows in the audience. „Beautiful Noise", „Longfellow Serenade", „Hello Again", „If you know what I mean", etc..

Then ND tells the audience, not without pride, about the new ND-Guitar and almost the show goes on. With „Forever in Blue Jeans" the audience is at full speed and only a few are still on the seats. From now on the atmosphere stays on ist highest pint and now maybe the best part of the show follows. A Medley through the beautiful songs of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. For me, thatīs the best music out of Neilīs feather.

At the song „America" everybody is on his feet again. After the song „Love on the rocks" ND allows himself a short break which is filled out terrific from his band with „Dance of the Sabres". After that there are some songs following from the new „Movie Album". Something to listening.

Then heīs back with songs like „Song Sung Blue", „CracklinīRosie" and „Sweet Caroline". The good old ND is back and the atmosphere raises from song to song. ND includes his audience and everyone takes part. At this place ND gets assistance through a big poster with the refrain „So good, so good, so good". Immediatly he includes this poster in the show and he shows that he likes the liitle help from his fans.

Unfortunately the concert is slowly coming to ist end. The atmosphere stays high and the seaats are becoming cold.

At the end ND shows that he is a real professional. No more than the planned encores will happen. All applause is senseless: but maybe understandable.

The great ND isnīt a youngster any more and has to save his voice for the next concerts.

For me this concert was a marvellous event. Sure, people whon werenīt there donīt know what they were missing. A real great Superstar and a sensational concert.

Bad luck for all who missed it!


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Vol 56: April 15, 1999

Hi Joe--
I haven't seen the new Broadway musical "Fosse," so I don't know the details, but on the upcoming CD of the show, "Crunchy Granola Suite" is listed as one of the songs. I don't know who performs it or if it's just an instrumental,  but I thought that might interest some of the Diamond fans out there.



We (my wife and I) are from Belgium (Mechelen - a distance of about 250

km from Köln) and are two great fans of Neil Diamond. We have about all

his cd's. Only the two first one we do not posses.

In 1970 when I began to listen and to appeciate the music, I thougth "I

must choose a group or a singer". And finally at the end of 1970 I heard

"Sweet Caroline" of Neil Diamond and I have decided, "That's it". Since

then I am a fan of Neil Diamond and it was my heart's desire to go in my

life to a concert.

A lot of months later my sister "Rita" (she is 3 years younger) has

decided to become a member of "Friends of Diamond". I too have read the

news papers that you have sent. In 1976 when I got married, I missed

your newspapers. Then in 1977, I have decided to become a member of the

"Friend of Diamonds". Now in 1999 my wife and I have the first time the

possiblity to go to a concert in the Kölnarena in Köln. It was a

fantastic concert with all the old songs. Neil, the Band and the public

were fantastic too. I'll never forget this. We have a place in block

204, row 6, place 12. The platform was placed in the middle of the

Arena. That's a fantastic idea.

It's very regrettable that we might take no pictures. Therefore I will

ask you, when you possess any picture of Neil Diamond of his concert to

send it to me.

My name is August Marivoet, my membership number is 01584 and I am 46

years old.

A lot of greatings from my wife Marina and myself



We would just like to add our voices to all Neil Diamond fans every

where. We attended the concert in Birmingham in early March and it was

brilliant, this is the third tour my wife has attended and my second.

We cannot wait for the next tour in England but we may try to attend in

america or canada next year to coincide with our plaaned holiday.

Keep up the good work.

Keith & Pauline Burrows


I 'm a 28 year old New Zealand woman who has been listening to Neil Diamond since birth - perhaps even in the womb! My parents are really into Neil Diamond and have fond memories of his Hot August Night concert at Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand in the 70s. My 92 year old grandfather was a musician in his earlier years. When my parents and their friends were into Neil Diamond in the 70s he said "He'll never come to anything"! I guess even grandfathers can be wrong sometimes. Love your site! Keep up the good work-

Michelle Henderson
Invercargill, New Zealand

Our local radio station asked a question this morning about Neil Diamond. The question was: "Neil Diamond was the first to do this in 1968". Do what??? I've checked out various Neil web sites and couldn't find an answer. I'd appreciate whatever response(s) you may have!!! Thanks!!!


I am a huge Neil Diamond fan, Ive been to 7 shows (it may not seem like much but Im only 30 so give me a break) have many of his CDs and can just get lost in his lyrics. Recently however my receiver component on my stereo needed to be replaced and found one I liked, it was Dolby digital ready and cost on this was about a thousand dollars. The sales guy told me to feel free to bring in a CD of my choice, so I did and of course it was a Neil Diamond CD. I went back to the store the next night with CD in hand and the salesman put it in for me and the entire staff was so rude to me and told me my music was crap and that I'm only 30 and that's not the kinda music a person my age should be listen to. Then they had the guts after that to ask me for the sale.........well as you guess by now they sold me nothing, but there competitor was more than helpful. Is it just me or do other younger fans ever run it to this?

Leo Williams Jr P. S. sound great on the new stereo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no own E-mail and so I like to find contacts to Neil Diamond-Fans, but with a post-adress, for writing back for changing informations by post-letter.
My post-adress is:
Viola Ecker,
Gudrunstrasse 55-103/50/12
A-1100 Wien (Vienna), Austria (Österreich)

Hi Joe
I've recently "found" this site again, and for the first time read some of the letters to you. Reading the letters from the fans who have seen Neil's concerts overseas brought tears to my eyes. He is such an incredible performer, and it is wonderful to hear how he touches young and old, and every nationality. Of course, it also makes me eager to see him again this summer! Wonderful job on the site, I'll be visiting regularly!


I just received `In My Lifetime' and it is just amazing. It really really

shows all the stages: from influences to the future. The out-takes are just

fantastic. I own so much of his stuff that I thought it would be a waste,

but it is wonderful.

Question: does anyone know the story behind `Stones?' I'd love to know why

he doesn't perform it or even claim it.

Thanks,  Steve Peifer

Well, I just had to write and share this. I went to one of these Oldie Concerts on Sat. night. It had Percy Sledge, The Turtles, Chris Montez and some other ones. Well let me tell you something I have always thought Neil to be a great performer but seeing these guys only makes me feel more strongly how great he is.. These guys really need to give it up. Percy could not hit any of his notes and I don't think he knew the words to his songs either. The rest of them were not much better you could not hardly hear the singers all you could hear was the band. The price of these tickets were about the same as for a Neil concert but I sure felt like I did not get my moneys worth . lWhen I leave a Neil concert I feel like I got every bit my moneys worth plus more. Neil does his show with such class and his band is so good I just can't believe the difference. They didn't look like they enjoyed themselves as much as Neil does on stage. Leslie

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Vol 55: March 27, 1999


Hi there,

Some weeks ago I was looking for some concert reviews on the internet because I had tickets to see both of Neil's concerts in Rotterdam. Since I hadn't seen Neil in concert before, and I cannot consider myself a real fan, I wanted to know what to expect.

I must say I have liked his music very much over the last 20 years and I've got a lot of his CD's. I was very excited to hear he was coming to Rotterdam and I was able to see him after all those years. I decided to go to both concerts, since I wasn't sure if he would be coming back to The Netherlands ever again. I wasn't disappointed! Both nights were concerts to remember, and I've had the time of my life! I really loved the concerts, and I think I may speak for the seventhousand people who were there each night too. Everything was perfect; Neil, the band, the stage, the atmosphere, and the audience.


Hello anywhere...

Iīm a (younger) fan of Neil Diamond from Germany.Iīm 30 years old, excuse my bad englisch, I`ll try to find the right words to describe the feelings while this concert.

On March 25th the "Dortmunder Westfalenhalle" had a touch of magic in the air. When the time became to 8.00 p.m. you could "smell" the suspence.

Neil came at 8.15 pm. on stage. He got standing ovations before he could begin with `beautyful noise`. It was nearly unable for me and my friends to sit down, because the show was indescribable. We held the singular banner in this hall (we worked on it weeks before) and, I still canīt believe, Neil saw it and he gave us the feeling, we were specially welcome.

He sang all his Songs you can find in your tour reviews page and he did it perfect. The voice of this man is singular in the world and his emanation is one you couldnīt find twice.

May be there was a difference to other shows, when he performed `Sweet Caroline`. The audience wanted to sing it again and again and.... So he did it for four times and the people sang with him,... wow, wow, wow, you know...!

Well, thatīs German, the "older" people want to swing and clap, then itīs ok for them.

For us it was an unforgettable night, and while tipping this I canīt still believe that itīs over. There is a little bit of sadness in me, but Iīm hopeful for seeing Neil again in Germany.

I think he will leave Germany with the conviction that we love him and that we want him to come back.

P.S: Your Site ist the best N.D. Site in the world! I visit every day because itīs just great and always up-to-date.

Bye and greetings from Spenge/Germany

Thorsten Dorn

Hello Joe,

I'm still on cloud nine after yesterday's ND concert here in Munich, and I felt I should tell you about my impressions. Although I have been an ND fan for about twelve years, it was the very first concert I ever saw (in 1989, I was still in school and couldn't afford a ticket for the concert, and that has been bugging me ever since).
Prior to the concert, I met with Hermann Groeneveld (who is in contact with you, as far as I know), who happens to work for the same company as I, and a very nice couple who had also registered on your attendance page (which, by the way, is a great idea!). We had a lot of fun for a few hours, chatting about Neil and how we became fans etc., and we went to the concert together, though we had separate seats. The funny thing is that those three people had paid a little more for their tickets than I had, but I ended up in a much better seat - in the front row! That was because the row I had a ticket for didn't exist (they must have made some changes in the seating arrangement, I suppose), so they put me right in front of the stage! Well, what can I say - I felt like I had won in the lottery!
The concert was really incredible. I got up when Neil started to sing some "rock" songs, and I only got down again for the quiet songs. Today, my hands hurt because I couldn't stop clapping, and I'm hoarse and tired and still a little exhausted, but still ecstatic because of this truly incredible experience. Neil is such a great entertainer, and yet he is one of the nicest, most humble persons I have ever seen. I could really feel how much fun he had and how much pleasure it gave him to entertain the audience, and how happy he was when everybody sang along and clapped their hands. I have to admit that there were some really boring people in the audience as well, but that happens in all concerts, I guess. Well, I didn't really care - the main thing is that I really had a ball. The revolving stage was a great idea, even though sometimes Neil became completely invisible when he was at the other side, but I think it was much better than a "normal" stage. And it was great to watc!
h the musicians (who, by the way, did a great job as well) go by and see every one of them once in a while.
I think this was the best concert I ever saw. I haven't seen many, but I can't imagine that it could possibly be better. And Neil's voice and his aura are just incredible. He's like a good bottle of wine - the older he gets, the better he is!
Hermann and I will be keeping our eyes open for concert reviews and newspaper articles in the next few days, and I will try to translate them for you as soon as I can.

Thanks for maintaining such a great page!

Claudia Raab

Hello Joe,

I've seen the concert of neil in Rotterdam at 17 and 18th march.
He's starting with "Beautiful noise" and the whole evening were beautifull
He is still rocking.. The crowed were very exciting the whole evening.
In Holland we do always a sound called OLE OLE OLE. 10 years ago when we do
it for the first time Neil did not know whats happening. Is it good or is
it bad. But know he knows that it is very good. I was there with a friend
of mine. For here it was the very first time that she came to a concert of
Neil. Well afterwards i asked how she found the evening. Well she was very
exciting and bouth some of his records and is now also a Fan.
Those two nights in Rotterdam were very hot in a cold country....

Hi Joe, hi everybody,
here is a letter from germany. I saw Neil Diamond yesterday in Stuttgart and
it was a beautiful Noise. The last time he was been here in Germany, I think
it was 1989 ?? Too long ago.
It was a great evening.
Many compliments to his musicians.
Please excuse my english, but I think you understand.
Greetings from Germany

Just wanted to let you know that I have been a fan of Neils for twenty
five years. my middle son Mike just brought me to Switzerland to visit
him from California this week. he said we were taking a surprise trip
up to Germany. Got up there yesterday the 24th of march. We walked
around the city during the day then after dinner he had a real surprise
for me we walked into this hall and into a concert by none other than
my favorite singer in all the world. Ive seen him in concert ten times
and this was by far the best, his voice is better than ever and he had
the crowd going crazy including this old grandma and her reluctant fan
son. I bet Neil has never had a fan travel 8000 miles to see him in
concert before. it is something I'll remember forever. just thought
I'd let you know he is still the greatest.

Ann Riley
Grass Valley California


i visited the Rotterdam concert on thursday last week with a couple of friends. Although i am a great fan and i find Neil a great performer i was disappointed. He almost only sang very old songs. And the limit was that Neil imitated Elvis presley and Frank Sinatra with the enormous amount of songs he wrote himself he should not do this.

regards Gilberto.


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. When Neil played Nashville
back in Dec 1998 I had put a note on line on your web page asking any fans to
write me. Well I got a note from a woman asking if I had ever seen him before.
We wrote back and forth and got to know each other. We finally met last month
and fell in love with each other. She is the love of my life and we have Neil
Diamond to thank for it. If it hadn't been for your web page we would have
never met.
Thanks again,

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Vol 54: March 20, 1999

Hallo Joe,

Here a letter from the Netherlands. I have seen your page on Internet and I
thought lets send a letter from the other side of the world.
Last night there was a concert from Neil in Rotterdam in Holland.
The last time he has been in Holland was, I think, in 1989.
So we were ready to see him again. It had been too long.
It was crowded in AHOY Rotterdam. There was a good ambiance.
And finally at 20.20 he was coming. The people began to applause and yell.
When he started with Beautiful Noise the people get excited.
In Holland it is normal that when we are very very enthousiastic the crowd
start to sing \" OLE, OLE,OLE
But I think it is not so good understood by the American people. Anyway
with Cracklin Rose we started to sing our Ole song and I had the impression
that Neil didn\'t know exactly how to deal with it.

After 2,5 hours the show was ended. It had gone to quickly.
It was a beatiful evening.

I know my english is not that good, but I hope you\'ll understand me.

Greetings from Holland
Sandra van der Toorn

Dear Joe,

After reading the mail you've posted on your very fine web tribute to Neil Diamond, I felt I had to share with you and your visitors the joy and exhilaration that comes from watching my three sons, ages 15, 13 and 6, singing and dancing to the most beautiful noise ever. I am in my forties now, and I have been a fan of the one and only ND since I was a high school student -- and I remember well his appearance at the Winter Garden during my first year of college. I played his music in my dorm room, and on my car's stereo, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has invested in Neil Diamond's music on vinyl, tape AND CD. I have seen him in concert eight times over the past thirty years, and I have taken my entire family -- mother, wife and three sons -- to his last two shows in the NY-NJ metro area. The best part of this ongoing relationship my family has had with Mr. Diamond came in January of 1993 -- my third son, Jason, was born to the strains of "Holly Holy" playing on the delivery room stereo, and we were at the next concert less than a year later. Naturally, we told one of his assistants about Jason being brought into the world to the man's music. While we were unable to seehim personally at that concert, two days later he appeared on a New Yorktalk show and told the story of the baby born to "Holly Holy" earlier thatyear and the parents who had come to tell him about it two nights before! We also got a lovely personal note from him a few weeks later, on stationerythat had a frog with a crown on its head, wishing us all the best with ourthen eleven month old boy. That boy, now age six, can recognize every Neil Diamond song he hears after only eight bars -- as can his two olderbrothers-- and Jason also does an air guitar accompaniment to "Cherry,Cherry" that would do Reinie Press proud. The music of Neil Diamond, and the passion with which he sings it, has become a very important part of my life,and the life of my entire family -- and for the happiness and smiles he has brought to us all, I'd like to thank Mr. Diamond once more, through yourwebpage. My appreciation to you for making that possible.
---Henry W. Hocherman

I went to see Neil Diamond last night (11 March) at the Wembley Arena, London, after a gap of nearly 22 years. The last (and until last night, only) time I saw him live was in the open air at Woburn Abbey in 1997! What a show! Nearly all my personal favourites were in his repertoire. He started with "Beautiful Noise", sang beautifully for 2 hours and 15 minutes, with only one short break for the band to do a solo of "Sabre Dance", andended with "Heartlight". Wow! The light show was terrific, too, and the "In The Round" format made it possible even for those at the top back corner(me!) to see all the time. I can't wait for him to come back again. What ashowman, one of the truly great superstars.

Isobel Climas

Mary Worth here from Buxton, Derbyshire, England.
Last night I went to see Neil in concert at the Sheffield Arena. it was the
fourth time that I have seen him.
He was in fantastic form and a packed audience had a wonderful night.
I am 50and went to the concert with my daughter who is 26 . She has grown
up surrounded by Neil Diamond music and went to her first Neil concert when
she was 9. We both danced in the aisles all night.!!
I wish that I had been able to get more tickets to some of the other

During a snowy (on the east coast) rainy (on the west coast) day, my
cousin gave me this challenge: to create a letter using as many Neil
Diamond songs as possible. Listed below are my results. A few friends
have liked it and asked that I send it around. Hope you enjoy it! /she


"BROOKLYN ROADS" via the 'MEMPHIS STREETS" that are "LONG GONE" from the
"GLORY ROAD" of "NEW ORLEANS" and trips throughout "AMERICA" "ON THE

having "LOVE ON THE ROCKS" in "JERUSALEM" when I said to my girl, "HEY
and she answered "MY NAME IS YUSSEL", I still said to myself "THE GOOD

I know you think me a "TWO BIT MAN-CHILD" and that the "RED, RED WINE"
"HANKY PANKY" have made me a "SOLITARY MAN". Still I always thought
SUN" instead of "HOLIDAY INN BLUES" caused by the 'KNACKELFERG"

Though 'I'M GUILTY" of often being "LOST AMONG THE STARS" "IN ENSENADA",
"HURRICANE" that was a "FRONT PAGE STORY" reminded me "I'M ALIVE" and
arranged my "STARFLIGHT". I'm "COMING HOME" even though "CARMELITA'S
tells me I'm "COURTIN' DISASTER" because we both know the "SIGNS" say

True, "ONCE IN A WHILE", I wish I were still "A FREE MAN IN PARIS" where
AMERICAN POPULAR SONG" caused those beautiful "DIAMOND GIRLS" to "SAY
MAYBE". Still the "STREET LIFE" there was definitely "JUNGLETIME". "GOD
KNOWS" the "FEAR OF THE MARKETPLACE" caused "THE DRIFTER" in me to want

I'm hoping "MAMA DON'T KNOW" about the "JAZZ TIME" at "STAGGER LEE" while
I was

keep you both "HEADED FOR THE FUTURE" by being "THE MAN YOU NEED". "I'M


WATER". And yes, "CAPTAIN SUNSHINE" often made me feel like a "HIGH
ODYSSEY" seem more like "FLIGHT OF THE GULL" to this "SKYBIRD" instead of

The great philospher, "JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL" told me once "I'VE


TALKING" about her "CHILDSONG" of "I AM THE LION" written by 'MR.
"CRACKLIN' ROSIE" evenings prompted her to say "HE AIN'T HEAVY....HE'S MY


It was then she said to me "STARGAZER" "ALL I EVER REALLY NEED IS YOU"
and your
"GIFT OF SONG". She smiled and said you know I don't even care if "YOU
BRING ME FLOWERS" anymore because I know 'YOU'VE GOT TROUBLES".

Well that was "THE LAST THING ON MY MIND" I thought you'd say, she
smiled, "IF YOU
GO AWAY" who will "SAVE ME"? Then she smiled again and said lets "REGGAE


Instead of saying "YES, I WILL," I said "MARRY ME", and let's sing
SONG" together. "IT'S A TRIP" "MY TIME WITH YOU", she responded, "IF I
SEE YOU AGAIN, " it would ruin "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES." You and me
"THE LOOK OF LOVE" is on your face and "HURTING YOU DON'T COME EASY" but
don't want us to be a "BOXED SET" of "HUSBANDS AND WIVES", she said, I
wanted to be your "LONELY LADY #17, brought to you on "MOON RIVER" by

I said I know this is a "HARD TIME FOR LOVERS" but "THIS TIME" I want us
to be "ONE

"HOLLY, HOLY", she exclaimed, what kind of "DANCE OF THE SABRES" is this?
do you love me?, she asked. "WHY DO i LOVE YOU", I replied, "LET THE
SING" all the reasons why I love you. Better to sing "ADON OLOM", or
or even "HAVAH NAGILAH", she said angrily.

"DON'T BE CRUEL", I said. "DON'T MAKE ME OVER", she replied.


"CRAZY", she said, "I USED TO LOVE THE SHELTER OF YOUR ARMS" but now all
"ONE GOOD LOVE". That's so "PRIMITIVE", she said.

I'm a "FOOL FOR YOU", I said, I want "ME BESIDE YOU".

"SLEEP WITH ME TONIGHT", she begged.

FEELING"?, I asked. We've no "COMMON GROUND", she said. She kissed me
lightly and said always remember our "SWEET L.A. DAYS" and then she was
gone. As she boarded the 'MEMPHIS FLYER", she smiled once and said
"I'LL SEE YOU ON THE RADIO." I thought I'll always be "HOOKED ON THE

Back in my room, my guitar, "RUBY", sat waiting for me. Well, I'll play
BABY", I thought. However, because of all my "MOODS", my "BEAUTIFUL
NOISE"    sounded like "STONES" as one "SONG SUNG BLUE" after the other
began to
create "A GOOD KIND OF LONELY" in my heart.

ANYBODY HEAR ME?", I wondered as I tossed my "SONGS OF LIFE" like a
DIDDY". I thought my sadness was more like "TALKING OPTIMIST BLUES. GOOD
DAY TODAY" was entirely possible despite the 'RIVER DEEP -- MOUNTAIN

approached handing me a "SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS". We laughed as only those
sharing a private joke together can. We briefly discussed my "BLUE
DESTINY" and "LOVE BURNS", but she cajoled me to "DIG IN" and "CANTA
LIBRE". She reminded me tomorrow was to bring a beautiful "CHELSEA
MORNING", a rarity for a "SEPTEMBER MORN".

'THE SUN AIN'T GONNA SHINE ANYMORE" I grumped good naturedly. Stop you
"RAINY DAY SONG" she instructed, and turn off that "HEARTLIGHT" and "PLAY

When I looked, there were "MOUNTAINS OF LOVE" in the "LOVESCAPE" of her
BELIEVES IN YOU" her eyes said.

Walking away I said "I FEEL YOU" but "DON'T TURN AROUND". "I WISH

"GOLD DON'T RUST" here in "SPANISH HARLEM" she flirted. There is no

It's "A MATTER OF LOVE", I reminded her. "IF I LOST MY WAY" back to my
"KENTUCKY WOMAN", there would be "NO LIMIT" to the "EBB TIDE" under my

"LORDY", she replied, "HEAVEN CAN WAIT". It's a "MILLION MILES AWAY" from
the "FLAME" here at "CLOWN TOWN". Still, I said to her gently, there's

"IF THERE WERE NO DREAMS", she started, but the bells began to ring out.
"HEAR THEM BELLS", I said, she's the "ANGEL ABOVE MY HEAD" and even if I

"FALLING" for you. "BE MINE TONIGHT", she pleaded.

"GIRL, YOU'LL BE A WOMAN SOON", I sighed, Now I know that you "THANK THE
MONDAY". I know you are thinking just "DO IT", but even "IF I NEVER KNEW
YOUR NAME" you couldn't have "THE FEEL OF NEIL."

I know you know all about "SWEET CAROLINE", but just as the "RIVER RUNS,
LOOK TONIGHT", you won't need 'LOVE POTION #9."

Just remember "EVERYBODY" deserves "TRUE LOVE". So "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A
YOUR MIND" with this "RED RUBBER BALL" "JUST FOR YOU". And remember as
"I, (WHO HAVE NOTHING)" dance the "LA BAMBA", I'll think of you all
"VELVET GLOVES AND SPIT" and hope that one day when you're older, you'll

Well, Father, after all this, I'm sure you must think me depressed. But
I'm thinking all this is a great "TAP ROOT MANUSCRIPT" for "THE MOVIE




I live in Dallas and see Neil in concert each time he is in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. I flew to Manchester, England on February 26 to see him inconcert there on Saturday, February 27 and flew back to Dallas on February 28.It was a long journey in such a short time, however, it was very well worthit. This was Neil at his very best. I did see him in Ft. Worth in October of1998 and enjoyed that as well, however, the concert I saw in Manchester wasmore than outstanding!!!! He was much more energetic, not to mention helooked wonderful. I wish I could relive that evening it was so fantastic. I plan on attending at least one, maybe two more of his concerts this year.If anyone reads this and has any idea how I can obtain a ticket to either hisperformance in Sydney, Australia on Saturday, May 22 or Melbourne on Saturday, June 5, please e-mail me at I did find a web site to buy my ticket for Manchester but have not had any luck in finding one for Australia.I also plan on catching him on the west coast so I keep checking the tourdates to see when they will be posted for August and September.

Becky Moser

Like Michael Brazil, I believe that Neil's current show is the best he has produced since 1984. I have been a fan for 29 years (I am now 42) and have seen Neil perform 11 times. Only his 1984 show in Croke Park, Dublin surpassed his current effort, and then only because it was his first appearnce in Ireland and we were all so carried away with the emotion of it all.

On this trip, my wife permitted me to attend three of the six concerts. Each show was subtly different, perhaps due to the location of my seat. For the final concert of the Irish leg of the tour I had the great privilege of being in the second row, right beside the stairway to the stage. This concert will aways remain very special to me.

As for the shows themselves, well you will have read other people's reviews and anything further that I might say is largely superfluous. The great thing about Neil is that he always manages to portray an image of someone who is genuinely delighted to have the opportunity to perform for you. He may be completely knackered at the end of a long tour but he will never shortchange his fans. He also seems to get a definite "charge" if he has a very responsive audience, and he always has that in Ireland. The band also give everything they have got and I have never felt shortchanged by their efforts. Their views on the Irish leg of the tour, as expressed on the Diamondville Site, sum it all up.

It was particularly amusing, at the final Irish concert to hear, when Neil was singing "I've got you under my skin", one overwrought, and young, female attendee cry out that she had reeeally got him under her skin! And so say all of us.


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Vol 53: March 4, 1999

Well the great man has done it again,simply fantastic performances from
the consumate professional. I thought after seing the concert at
Wembley, London a couple of years ago that he was losing it, but out of
the five concerts I have seen this was undoubtedly the best. Awesome.
When you consider the staying power of his songs over the years there's
no-one can compare. Thes groups of today would do themselves a big
favour by attending one of Neils concerts to see what entertainment is.
Only worrying thing is that when I first went to one of his concerts 14
years ago I and most of the fans had hair on our heads. I have learned
one thing though and that is if you decide to see two concerts as my
wife and I did, go easy on the clapping on the first one as I damaged my
hands making it impossible to clap on the second.
Thanks again Neil for a wonderful visit to Scotland hope you come back.

Ian McKay Aberdeen, Scotland

bjline.gif (4024 bytes)

Neil kicked off the European leg of his World Tour 99 in Dublin when he
played six nights at the cities Point Depot.
As a fan for 25 years I thought I had seen it all and equally thought I had
seen the best of Neil wrong I was. The show works on every level
and is the best I've seen since 1984 , Neil is more at ease and confident
and the banter and humour flows as naturally as if in conversation with some
old friends . His voice is as strong as ever and is on pitch right from the
start of the 2 hour 15 minutes show.
The songs are a fantastic mix of old and new performed with verve as each
one seems transend to its predecessor. The band are right on the money and
appear to realise that this is better than working. The lighting suits
in-the-round format like never before and the sound never falters. The
crowd know all the words to all the songs and seemingly have been told to
singalong or else Barry Manilow will appear, the result is a continuos
wall of Beautiful Noise.
Driving home still on a natural high I began to think about those songs
Neil had omitted and thought to myself "Hey Come Back Again you've Done Too
To those of you yet to see the show enjoy you have my envy.
---Michael Brazil , Cork , Ireland

bjline.gif (4024 bytes)

Monday Feb 22 1999, I spent probably the best two and a half hours of
my life ...... sitting three rows from the front ,watching Neil Diamond
in the round ....he was brilliant !!! I first saw Neil in London,
England in 1984 but on that occasion I was soooooo far away that I could
hardly see him. This time however I couldn't have wished for more ( well
the icing on the cake would have been to meet him ! Well we can all wish
can't we :o) ) He was so relaxed with himself and the audience and
bantered with us throughout the show. I was one of the lucky ones who
had him right in front of me when he sang " Hello Again " and also when
he and Linda Press sang the last notes of their brilliant duet " You
Don't Bring Me Flowers " and ended in a "romantic" embrace. Sigh .......
why couldn't that be me . Like the red red wine that he sings about,
Neil is getting better with age and was looking very slim & trim and
thankfully he has got rid of the longer hair style. Scotland has waited
30 years for Neil to visit .....lets hope he makes another visit in the
not too distant future .... "Haste ye back Neil !!"

Love the home page by the way Joe . I'll be visiting on a regular basis
......keep up the work.
--Kathy P

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bjline.gif (4024 bytes)

Vol 52: February 7, 1999

Well what do you know!!! After years of being a Neil Diamond fan, I finally got the chance to see him perform in person at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY.

I have to say the waiting was well worth it. I drove in from North Adams, MA and the traffic entering NY state was terrible, bumper to bumper. I have never seen anything like it on these little country roads. Would you believe I purchased tickets the morning of the concert and got seats that were not to bad although they were in the upper level, but not quite in nosebleed heaven.

My daughter went with me (I think only to keep me happy) and wound up having a great time. Neil has acqired another fan. I love the way he sings Hello. I'm willing to bet every woman there imagines that he is singing just to her. Don't we wish!!! I have decided that whenever Neil appears close by again (within two hours drive) I'll kill to get tickets. I have gone on a spending spree buying cassetts (don't have a CD player in my car) and a couple of videos. I guess at my age I can still be a wild and crazy fan. (And I thought that was only for teenagers). So I hope Neil keeps on going for a long time to come and I will be there enjoying very minute of it.


I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you have done with this page. I can't believe all the insight I found . It will take me a long time to get through all this great info.

I particularly enjoyed looking back to my first Neil Diamond concert at the Cow Palace in early 1979 when I was a senior in High School (the only time I ever cut class was to get tickets to this show).

One thing Neil did on this tour that I have not seen him do since was near the intermission, he saw someone trying to take his picture, so he called her up to the front row and posed for her. Then of course, everyone started reaching for their cameras. So he announced he was going to do one of his favorite things. He told everyone to get ready to take a picture. Then he told the light guy to turn off all the lights. On the count of three, everyone snapped a picture and it lit up the musty old Cow Palace like the Fourth of July (which is big, here). Then he went to stage left (my side) and did the count again.

This led to one of the best moments of any ND concert. By now, hundreds of people had rushed closer to the stage. So he had the lighting guy turn up the house lights so people could find their way back to their seats. While this took ten or fifteen minutes, he just talked to the audience. It wasn't Neil Diamond the entertainer up there. It was Neil Diamond, the host of this intimate party. He just rapped to people in the front rows, he talked about things. Someone requested a song at this point. He said "Darlin', we haven't prepared that song for this tour... oh what the heck. You guys think you could wing your way through the first 24 bars or so?" And he went on to do a superb, improvised version of Crunchy Granola Suite.

For you to have the SF Examiner review of this great show was such a thrill.

Ron Cervi

I'm a longtime ND believer from San Francisco, currently teaching in Tokyo, who has been lucky enough to attend the Aladdin opening, "Tennessee Moon" filming and MGM Grand New Year's concert. My university sends a group of students to Australia every spring for a combination homestay/study tour, and I'm chaperoning this year's group. We're scheduled to be in Sydney from March 6 to 29 (wish I could stay two more months to catch that leg of the tour!), and while I'm there I would be interested in fellow fans--if only to find out if you're REALLY the most rabid Neil Diamond followers in the world! Looking forward to hearing from somebody. Thank you!

Ted Quock

I have been a huge Neil Diamond fan since "Tap Root Manuscript" and "Stones." I had been aware of him before, but "The African Trilogy," "Done Too Soon," "Stones" and "I Am ... I Said" combined to change my life forever.

Growing up, I became familiar with his work through Top 40 radio, and the idea of seeing a concert never occurred to me until the "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" album. Not that I had been against the idea of seeing him perform live before that, but rather that it galvanized me to HAVE to see him on stage. Unfortunately, that coincided with his then-retirement from touring.

My first time to catch him in concert was a pilgrimage to a snowy Salt Lake City, where this San Franciscan found himself driving in snow for the first time--in a rental car, yet! This was followed by the opening of the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Circumstances then took me to work in Japan in 1979. The following year, I caught him at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, but after that I got unlucky--none of my subsequent trips back to the United States coincided with a tour of his.

My itch was finally scratched in Nashville with the filming of the "Under a Tennessee Moon" TV special. Seeing all these brand-new songs being performed in public for the first time was a real treat, but ultimately it was not the same as a concert--especially considering what I had been reading about the new "concert in the round."

Thanks largely to my long-overdue introduction to the Internet, my Neil Diamond concert drought finally came to an end after 19 years with the recent New Year stand in Las Vegas. I caught both shows, and my comments follow:

1. Despite the 19-year drought, I was surprised at how familiar it all sounded. Not in a negative way, fortunately, but afterwards I realized that all the live CDs (including the "Reader's Digest" set) and videos released over the intervening years had made a real impact on me, with the result that I recognized every song from the initial bars, even "I Got the Feeling (Oh, No, No)." Unfortunately, this also eliminated the element of surprise--it didn't take much to anticipate that he would do "Auld Lang Syne" at the stroke of midnight.

2. My greatest disappointment was the double whammy that the two shows were identical (with the exception of "Auld Lang Syne"), and that there was no encore.

3. Neil himself was in fine form--only once during each show did his voice falter at all, and then only for a moment. While that final low note in "But then I know it's growing strong" has long been a legendary indicator of what shape his vocal chords are in, "Unchained Melody" has become an even better, and riskier, one--if he can't pull that song off, he should take the night off.

4. The program didn't include quite the balance I would have liked: heavy on the "Jazz Singer," "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "Movie Album" selections, at the expense of popular favorites like "Kentucky Woman," "September Morn" and "Heartlight" and personal favorites of mine such as "Stones," "Sleep with Me Tonight" and "Hooked on the Memory of You."

5. The magic was there--I took my 78-year-old father to the New Year's Day show and caught him clapping along with a few songs. Not that he was the only one: Neil had the audience both nights firmly in the palm of his hand with no effort at all. I have never been enamored of his fondness for repeated encores on sing-along numbers, but there was no denying that I was decidedly in the minority on that count when it came to his new take on "Sweet Caroline." My father has a bad leg, and rather than have him limp along step by step with the hordes after the show I suggested standing to one side until the crowd died down. The concessionaires were canny enough to have the live version from the "Greatest Hits Live" video playing in a loop, and as the audience filed by it was quite overwhelming to see group after group of strangers joining together on "Wo-wo-wo" and "So good, so good, so good" long after the show was over.

6. The theater in the round was a revelation, especially with the advantage of tickets to both shows. I was able to devote a fair amount of time to scrutinizing both the band and the rest of the audience. A fascinating sociological study, to be sure.

7. I hope it's just the MGM Grand, but the cheap plastic binoculars should be avoided by all means in favor of the more pricey rental ones. And, while the "Heartlight" card-type flashlights are cool beyond words, they come with cheap batteries that don't last too long after the show. The souvenir book should be called that because it is much more a promotional companion to "The Movie Album" than a program book--in fact, it can't be called a program book in any sense of the word. What's more, I was disappointed to find it comes devoid of any song lyrics. On the other hand, the ND mousepads were a most pleasant surprise!

All in all, an experience not at all regretted. I just hope I won't have to wait another 19 years until my next one!!!

Ted Quock

Hi Joe:
Great Site!
I have nevered visited before, but when I was out driving today I heard on the radio that it was Neil Diamond's birthday, so I thought I would check and see if there was a site. This is great. I have been a really big fan for many years. My all time favorite album is Hot August Night. Even my kids (ages 13 - 18) know all of the songs.

I've seen him in concert twice, once about 20 years ago in Buffalo and then just a few years ago in Hamiliton, Ontario. It was fabulous to see the wide range of ages who attend his concerts, there were people from 18 to 80. I would love to say Happy Birthday to Neil and hope he has many, many more!

Keep up the good work on the site too!




I saw Neil Diamond in April 92 in Sydney (Australia) It was the best concert I had every seen and at the time I was pregnant with my first child, throughout the whole concert she kept kicking me and now when I put Neil on she comes running from where ever she is to dance to it. I have alot of Neil's music and I can only play it when my husband is not home as he dose not like it. We went on holidays to the coast and he picked up a tape and put it on and hay guess what it was Neil Diamond.

I think after 7 years he is starting to like Neil Diamond. My husband has just told me that he is buying me a ticket to the concert in Sydney in May this year. I would really love to meet him in person, maybe some day.

Tammy Smith

Canberra (Australia)

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Vol 51: January 23, 1999

Hey Joe:

My wife and I were also at the New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas and we loved every minute of it -- even the new tunes from the Movie Album sounded great. Neil was in excellent form all night -- we enjoyed this concert nearly as much as the Christmas concert in Chicago in December '93.

What set this show apart were the 5 encores of Sweet Caroline that Neil performed with audience participation as we awaited the final moments to bring in the new year. After singing "Auld Lang Syne" twice with the audience as buckets and buckets of colored confetti fell from the ceiling, Neil jumped right into "Headed for the Future, complete with a spectacular laser light show.

The concert was so good that we questioned the motives of the critic who reviewed the concert for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I can understand someone not liking a performer - everyone has a right to their opinion - but this guy obviously had a hidden agenda long before Neil ever took the stage. Oh well, what can you do?

Another highlight for us came the next day when we ran into Linda and Reinie Press in the casino. They were quite friendly and seemed surprised that we recognized them. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Neil anywhere.

All in all, we came away with some very fond memories of celebrating New Year 1999 not to mention a bag full of Neil Diamond merchandise (like I need more shirts?). The only thing that could make it better would be for Diamond to release a live video of this concert on DVD and VHS - that would be cool!

Jim and Jody Cross

Olathe, KS

I recently read an article about Neil's newest CD in the recent People magazine. I was really upset with what it had to say. Ther were literally calling it a bomb. I enjoyed the CD. The only thing I can say bad about it was that you can tell Neil was overwhemed by the orchestra. I felt that since he did not write the songs, he was sort of detatched from the songs. When he sings his own songs, you can feel his heart and soul in the music. I still cannot figure out why the magazine would call it a bomb. I rather enjoyed sitting back and relaxing to this CD.

I, like Leslie and probably many others, was astonished at Mike Weatherford's review of Neil in Las Vegas. I don't know who this guy is, how old he may be or what his credentials are but he definitely doesn't know ANYTHING about Neil Diamond. Where has he been all his life?

His review may have been so critical because he was in a bad mood, unhappy about having to cover the concert or any one of a million reasons but NO WAY do I believe, after seeing Neil's concert in Winston-Salem, NC, that the one in Las Vegas could have been even a fraction as bad as he said. Whatever his reason for panning the concert/performance, I feel sorry for him that he doesn't or can't appreciate Neil's, or his band's, music, talent, charisma and performances. He's missed out on a lot!


I was at the January 1, 1999 show in Las Vegas. I have seen Neil about 10-12 times since The Jazz Singer came out, most of the concerts were in Los Angeles. I now live in Las Vegas and I look forward to seeing him anytime he comes out on tour. Having seen him so many times, I was a little disappointed in this concert. Don't get me wrong, his voice was in great shape and he did most of my favorites.

The volume could have been turned up a little louder and he was not as flashy as I have seen him in the past. I do have to say, I would much rather see him in LA than in Vegas just due to the fans. In LA, the fans are up dancing from the start to the end of each concert. In Vegas, they are a bunch of duds. Neil may realize this and maybe he does not try as hard here. I think this is why I didnt enjoy it as much as in other times. I have been a big fan since I was about 14 years old.

He did some songs he has not done in a long time and Oh No No (I've got a feeling) was one of my favorites. His version of Jonathan Livingston Seagull was great and the Movie songs actually are better in concert than on the CD. He really made them his own in concert. I guess because it was New Years, Neil did not sing "I've been this way before" and sang "Headed to the Future" with lasers flashing thru-out the MGM. He ended his show with "Brother Love". I am a big fan of his and will always be a fan, but I think in the future, I will only see him in LA where the fans truly appreciate his music.


Big Neil Fan

THANK YOU NEIL! What a great time to be had inVEGAS. My new fiancee and I felt very lucky to have something as fun to do as see Neil on New Year's Eve. With a celebratin like that, we are not part of the preoccupied majority concerned with the 2000 celebration. I also thought h9is voice held up great especially compared to some tracks on his three part Reader's digest collection. We were also stoked to get some souvenires, t-shirts commemerating the New Year's show and a DIAMONDHEAD t-shirt. I can't wit to show it off at future PHISH and Other One Concerts. Neil, thanks for treating my sole.

My Christmas present from my husband was my babe in blue jeans NEIL. I have seen him both in the San Francisco area andd the LA area. He is still wonderful. There was not a bad seat at MGM. What other entertainer will sing 2 and a half hours straight? Well worth the money and I wish him continued success.

I just finished reading Mr. Mike Weatherford's review in the Las Vegas Journal of Neil Diamond's concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and couldn't help but wondering if we had attended the same concert?

My wife and I found Mr. Diamond's voice to be in excellent clarity, perhaps even better than in the past, the band's performance and sound was excellent, lighting and special effects timely and well executed and the selection and presentation of songs had the audience up and singing along, dancing and clapping, as well, leading me to believe Mr. Weatherford may have actually attended a concert by one of the Neil Diamond impersonators, down at a lounge on the lower strip. That would account for him being the only one that didn't enjoy his concert experience.

My wife is the big Neil Diamond fan at our place and we traveled the 400 miles from Tucson, Az., to attend this concert and found the trip well worth the effort and expense.. We were both thoroughly entertained and delighted by the show and appreciate how hard Neil Diamond actually works on stage.

I could see the sweat rolling off his face even by the middle of the show. He appears to be one of the hardest working showmen I have ever seen, which is evidenced by the "fever pitch" the crowd was in by the end of his performance.

To my way of thinking, a successful show has several characteristics. good songs, a strong, clear voice, tasteful, timely and harmonious sound and lights, a packed theater, audience participation, and the crowd wanting more when the show is over. A standing ovation doesn't hurt, either.

Yep, what I saw was a successful show.

Mike Siewerth

bjline.gif (4024 bytes)

Dear Joe:

I have never visited this site, although now that I found it -- it will be a permanent fixture to my favorite sites. I am 23 years old, and have loved Neil Diamonds music since I was a child. He truly made me feel special since watching "Jazz Singer." Although I heard him on the Rosie O'Donnell show that we hated the experience of doing a movie...the music is inspiring, especially for a Jewish girl. My dream is to sit front row at his concert and for one second he look at me and say "Hello Again."

Most sincere regards,

Laura P.

from Fairfax, Virginia

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Vol 50 January 9, 1999

Boy I can't believe that review on Neil in Vegas. He must have been mad that he had to be there or something. He was just down right nasty. All of his other reviews have been so good I just don't know how this one could be so different. I wasn't at the concert "I would have given my eye teeth to be there" but I'll bet the crowd was better than that review said.


I've been reading these great messages and I have to add my own!!!

First off, let me say that I have have most recently become a huge Neil Diamond fan because...I thought he was funny. I bet some of you have seen that commercial on CNN touting a collection of Neil Diamond's greatest hits. I saw this commercial sometime in March of 1998, and my 21 year-old brother and I thought it was the funniest thing we'd ever seen. You, know, I was ignorant (I'm 18). We were laughing at Neil (I feel so evil now) because of this shuffle-dance he was doing to "Sweet Caroline." For weeks, we would crack a joke or break out in the only part of the song we knew from the commercial.

It then so happens that fate took an interesting turn. I was at a Best Buy in Dayton (I live in a small town in Indiana, and we don't have many Best Buys around here, so I went to check out some computer stuff at the closest one). I did my perusing at this huge superstore...found some good deals, and as a joke, I purchased Hot August Night II. It was on sale for ten dollars, so I bought it because it had "Sweet Caroline" and "I am...I said" on it.

I brought it home to Indiana. Immediately, I played "Sweet Caroline" and started doing that little shuffle-dance, never thinking that I would listen to that album for a long time to come. I listened to the album once, and I thought, "You know, this guy isn't that bad." Then, I listened to it again. And again. I fell in love with the music. I, Mr. "Make Fun of Neil Diamond," fell in love with songs that were written a generation before my time.

But the story doesn't end there, oh no no no no. I came to school (I'm a Senior right now) and told my best friend Kevin about this CD. We had a good laugh about it, and then I told him my revelation: "Kevin, he's actually very talented" (this was just at the tail end of our Junior year). And then Kevin said his dad had a tape...Hot August Night. He played his father's tape once (it was an old tape, but it still worked!!!).....

Yet another Neil Diamond fan was born.

I suppose the highlight of our newfound fandom is without a doubt, driving 2 1/2 hours to Columbus, Ohio to watch "the man" in action. We didn't think we were going to be able to go, because Kevin's parents weren't too keen on letting two teenagers drive by themselves to a place they'd never been to. Finally, we reached a compromise: Kevin' dad would have to go with us. I figured it was a chance to see a living legend, so I went on those terms. Kevin's dad says that he went with us "so we'd be safe," but you'll never guess who was standing up and clapping and screaming when Neil sang "Cracklin' Rosie."

It was a real experience. Neil Diamond is a grrrrrreat entertainer. He was so awesome...singing with such great emotion...I was awe-struck. Kevin and I were pretty much the youngest people there, but there were alot of college kids there also because it was on the Ohio State campus at the new Schott Center. If anyone doubts Neil Diamond's popularity, they should've checked I-70 on November 8, 1998. The traffic was all backed up by these people trying to get in...the Schott Center didn't really know how to handle the traffic (it had just opened the week before). We were late (many people were)...but the concert's start was thankfully delayed twenty minutes. We found our seats in the middle of "Cherry, Cherry" and proceeded to just have the time of our lives...singing "Sweet Caroline" (and doing a variation of the "shuffle-dance" in tribute to Mr. Diamond) and "Forever in Blue Jeans" along with "the man." After the dazzling instrumental ending of "I am...I said," Neil walked off of the stage to a standing ovation. My friend, a little disappointed, sighed and said, "I wished he would have sung 'Holly Holy.'" I told him not to worry...Neil had a few more tricks up his sleeve. Indeed, he ran back on stage for an encore. His first song was "Holly Holy." Kevin was thrilled.

For Christmas, I received four CDs worth of Neil Diamond music. I have As Time Goes By and The Greatest Hits (1966-1992) thanks to Jolly Old St. Nick. I still want to get some more of his music, but having the hits and his movie album will do for now. I don't feel as if the music that my generation listens to has much meaning. Neil Diamond's music, however "uncool" it may be to my fellow peers (it once was to me) is generation-spanning and will only become more meaningful "as time goes by."

Matt Adams

Willamsburg, Indiana

I've been a Neil Diamond fan since he first came on to the scene in the 60's. I've seen him in concert 6 times as he's toured through Massachusetts. Every time he releases a new c/d, I'm always amazed how he never disappoints me. Just when you think that he's done it all, he releases his latest movie album that showcases what a wonderful talent he has for singing beautiful songs, much like his two Christmas albums. The movie album brings back some wonderful memories for me when I was a young boy and began listening to the radio in the early 50's. The words to most of the songs returned to me the instant that I heard the new album for the first time.

I discovered this page when I got the urge one day to see when and where Neil Diamond was going to be playing. I don't play around much on the internet. I have been a fan since I was about 12 when the "The Jazz Singer" was out. I discovered in September that the closest Neil was going to be playing was Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and Day. I live in Washington and was certainly sure that I wouldn't be able to attend. Well, thanks to the efforts of my sister, she found out that we could fly, stay two nights in Vegas and see the concert at a very affordable price! So, I took my mother-in-law who is also a huge fan and we saw Neil Diamond Live on New Year's Day! This was truly a dream come true for me. I have got my 4 -year old daughter hooked on his music. My only complaint about the show was that he seemed to favor one side of the stage, which wasn't the side I was sitting on.

I supposedly bought great seats, but since they went on sale one month prior to my purchasing them, I was still 22 rows away. I just wanted to see him up close. But, he still manages to make you feel as if he is singing only to you. I am on a mission now. I hope that he comes this way again, because I am determined to see him again, but I want to be down on that floor so I don't keep bumping into the person next to me as I dance. There is not one other singer that I would pay what I paid to see, and plan to pay again. Neil Diamond is the best. I just wish that I could have seen him around the casino somewhere, believe me I looked.

Happy New Year!

Saw Neil New Year's Eve at the MGA Grand in Las Vegas. Incredible performance as usual. First song he sang in 1999 was "Headed for the Future" with lots of energy, lasers, and great moves! Voice was in wonderful shape....Smooth and clear. Could have done without the Sinatra songs from the new CD, but the others, were fabulous!

Happy 1999 to one and all from Shilo53!

Hi Joe,

I just got back from a week in Las Vegas. I attended both of Neil's shows. Both were good despite a bad review in the las Vegas Review Journal. The only disapointing thing about the performances was the sound quality. It was, to say the least, "BAD". I sat in the fourth row New Years Eve and then half way up on New Years night.

When he tours the West Coast I will see him again in Portland and Seattle but, will not sit on the floor. When you do you miss the lighting, which is something to see.

I don't know if Neil has new sound engineers, but he should work on the quality of the sound. This was my 31st and 32nd time seeing Neil in concert. I hope the next time he will have the same concert quality sound the past shows had.

Thanks for a great web page!

Craig Lamar

I want to say a very speial 'thank you' to Neil for closing the Winston-Salem show with "I've Been This Way Before" This song is the perfect closing for a Neil Diamond concert. I understand he has been dropping it in many cities and I am not sure why he did it in W-S (I of course, had written everyone I could think of begging that he do it in W-S) but a very, very special 'thanks.' There are so many songs I love to see Neil perform but I shall always, always remember this one. The only other way I have been able to see him do this was at the end of his "Love At The Greek" concert video and ever since seeing it I knew I had to see him do it live. This song and his performance evoke such special feelings.

Doran Tate

Mr. Diamond was once again a treat for southern floridians, performing both shows in his usual grace and style. For those of us who have been to many concerts, the Jonathan Livingston songs and the new Movie Album songs were the highlights of the show. Contrary to earlier reviews published, the movie album songs were met with much enthusiasm in both Orlando and Tampa -- particulary at the Ice Palace did there seem to be a collective sigh or "swoon" from the ladies at the end of Unchained Melody.

I am not sure now which I like better: the album version of the songs or the live performance version, each is great in their own way!

Neil was more animated in Tampa than Orlando in our collective opinion. In Orlando Sweet Caroline was just a song, in Tampa, it was the song with the second round of chorus and the Neil instructed "whoas and so good, so good, so good." Neither show did we get "I''ve been this way before." I guess after brother love, he was just too tired.

As a last thought..... Even though when you sit in the front row you lose Neil to the other side of the stage (seemingly more often on the other side than yours, of course.) If you have never been that close to the singer performing, it's a MUST for all diamondheads! There is nothing like being able to actually see the man's face and enjoy all those great expressions. There is something about being able to make eye contact with the rest of the band. I was able to say "hi" to Vince Charles before the show when he just walked out to speak to a security person and spent the night dancing and clapping to their sounds as well.

All in all, a great time was had by all, and if not, well, they need a new hobby..... we'll keep this one as ours.

Debora Badyna

Bradenton Florida

This may sound strange to most of you Neil Diamond fans, but I just rented "The Jazz Singer" last night. I can't believe I had never seen it before. Most people my age do not listen to Neil Diamond, so I am kept out of the loop on Neil updates. I am so thankful that I have finally got hooked up to the Internet so I can read about him weekly. I am 22 years old and Neil Diamond is my absolute favorite songwriter/performer. My dream is to see him in concert and I am waiting until he tours the US again. So, THANKS for the page. I welcome any fans to email me.


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